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Assistant City Manager Brian Moura to Leave Position in July
Plans to Explore New Projects & Encore Manager Opportunities
Contact :Brian Moura, Assistant City Manager    (650) 802-4210

Brian Moura, Assistant City Manager

San Carlos, CA – March 21, 2013 – Brian Moura announced earlier today that he plans to leave his position as the Assistant City Manager for the City of San Carlos in mid-July.  He plans to take a break from the day to day world of City Management this summer and then explore new projects and opportunities that include working as an encore manager later in the year.


Moura was hired as the Assistant City Manager for the City of San Carlos in November 1986 after working in positions in several agencies including the City of Hayward, Contra Costa County, the City & County of San Francisco and the San Mateo County Office of Education.  During his tenure in San Carlos he was also the City’s Finance Director (11 years) and Human Resources Director (4 years) while also working as Assistant City Manager.  Over the years, Moura has also held a number of Interim positions at the City including Interim City Manager, Interim Parks & Recreation Director and Interim Economic Development Manager. 


Brian currently manages the City's Green Programs and Climate Protection Projects, Interdepartmental Projects, Public Information, Property Management and Legislation programs, Economic Development and Technology activities for the City Manager's Department and serves as the Acting City Manager in the City Manager's absence. 


During his time in San Carlos, Brian has played a leading role in a number of major projects at the City that will benefit the community for years to come including:


1.      PAMF Development Agreement – Will bring $661,900 to the City General Fund this year and over $90 Million to San Carlos over a 50 year period – along with over $1.5 Million to the San Carlos Education Foundation and $1 Million for Highlands Park Athletic Fields.


2.      San Carlos Library – Working with a Citizen’s Advisory Committee and the City Council, an $8.5 Million Bond Measure was passed by the voters and a $3 Million contribution from City funds led to a state of the art library for the City.


3.      Shared Services – The City’s Budget Challenges and Shared Services project allowed San Carlos to move from a $3.5 Million General Fund deficit to a budget surplus in just over a year – without the need for a tax increase.


4.      SBWMA Host Agreement – Renewed during the Shoreway Environmental Center construction, will bring over $1.4 Million to the City this year and increasing amounts in future years.


5.      Leasing City Land & Office Space – Management of the City’s Property and Office Space will bring in over $1 Million to the General Fund and Library Fund this year.


6.      Cost Avoidance Reserve – Innovative program to use City General Fund reserves as an “internal venture capital fund” to reduce the future operating costs of the City.  Led to a Helen Putnam Award presented by Governor Pete Wilson.


7.      Economic Development – Managed the initial funding, debt and bonds for the San Carlos Redevelopment Agency that led to a series of projects including the Holly/Hwy 101 Overpass Widening, Downtown Façade Loans and several housing developments including Laureola Oaks and San Carlos Elms.  Also worked on revitalizing the Economic Development Advisory Commission, the Economic Development Plan, Real Estate Market Study and the San Carlos Marketplace development.


8.      City Web Site & Public Information – Developed one of the first City Web Sites in the world in May 1994.  The web site grew to over 10,000 pages of information on City services, programs and projects, an email list serve (eNotify) that has over 8,400 subscribers today, indexed videos of Council and Commission Meetings, full Council and Commission Meeting Packets on the web portal and links to Twitter (over 4,600 fans) and Facebook (over 3,000 fans).  San Carlos received a national Technology Achievement Award for citizen information and transparency for this program.


9.      Net Day & Fiber Optic Network – Partnership with the City, Schools, Parent Volunteers and Tech Companies led to San Carlos schools being a “beta site” for the national Net Day program recognized by Vice President Al Gore.  Subsequently, a franchise agreement was negotiated with Comcast that led to a high speed fiber optic “I-Net” that connects every City and School Building in San Carlos through the year 2020


10.  Green Programs & Climate Protection – Developed the City’s expanded work in Green Programs and Climate Protection.  This included partners such as San Carlos Green, Chamber of Commerce, C/CAG, San Mateo County, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley and ILG.


San Carlos was an early leader in this area including a founding agency in the Silicon Valley Climate Protection Task Force, the first agency in Silicon Valley to be approved to participate in the Beacon Award, developed a Climate Action Plan linked to the General Plan – leading to 3 awards for Innovation in Community & Green Planning and in the last year worked with the County on Ordinances banning Polystyrene Foodware in Restaurants and Single Use Shopping Bags in San Carlos.


In addition to his work at the City, Moura represents San Carlos on a variety of multi-City, Countywide, Regional, Statewide and National projects and organizations.  He serves as the Chairman of the San Mateo County Telecom Authority (SAMCAT) and has previously served as the Chairman of the San Mateo City/County Managers Association and the South Bayside Waste Management Authority (SBWMA).  He also has served on the Board of Directors of Smart Valley, the Center for Innovation in Education and Public Technology Institute.


Brian was involved in the formation of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley, a public/private collaborative organization that was developed to stimulate the Silicon Valley economy by using the people, companies, agencies, technology and resources of the region.  He has played a leading role in a number of their major initiatives over the years including Smart Voter (now part of the League of Women Voters in a number of states across the nation), Smart Permit, Smart Schools, Challenge 2000, Net Day, Wireless Silicon Valley (Co-Chair) and most recently the 42 agency Silicon Valley Climate Protection Task Force (Co-Chair).


During his work in San Carlos, Moura has received recognition for his work in using technology, regional cooperation and public outreach and transparency in city management.  This has led to a number of regional, statewide and national awards including:

·         Helen Putnam Award, League of California Cities, A Different Approach to Budgeting

·         PTI Fellow, Public Technology Institute

·         Outstanding Public Service Award, San Francisco State University, MPA Program

·         Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers Award, Government Technology

·         Technology Leadership Award, Public Technology Institute

·         Wes McClure Award, Outstanding Manager in Northern California, Municipal Management Association of Northern California

·         William J. Sheppard Award, Outstanding Assistant Manager in Bay Area, American Society of Public Administrators, Bay Area Chapter

·         John H. Nail Award, Outstanding Assistant Manager in California, City Manager’s Department, League of California Cities


When presenting the Outstanding Public Service Award to Brian Moura, San Francisco State University Professor and MPA Program Chair Dr. Genie Stowers noted that Brian “is a continuous innovator” and has enjoyed “an excellent career in the fields of city management, public administration, public sector technology and collaborative management.  Our department is particularly impressed with the way that he has been involved and has led so many cutting edge, collaborative projects in the cities, counties and agencies that he has worked at during his distinguished career.”


San Carlos Mayor Bob Grassilli said “I would like to thank Brian Moura for over 26 years of service to the Citizens of San Carlos.  Brian has contributed to our City in so many areas, that his legacy will forever be remembered.  I wish him nothing but good health and happiness in his future endeavors.”


City Manager Jeff Maltbie noted that “Brian’s talent and dedication to San Carlos has helped to enhance our community in countless ways during his tenure with the City.  He has also made numerous contributions toward the betterment of the city management profession.  While we will all miss Brian’s everyday presence at City Hall, I know I speak for the entire City staff when I say, thank you for all you have done for this organization and this community and we all wish him the very best.  We look forward to Brian’s future achievements as he enters this new phase in his career.”



Reflecting on his service in San Carlos, Moura said “I have enjoyed a rewarding time at the City of San Carlos as Assistant City Manager.  I have been involved in a number of programs, projects and initiatives that have improved the quality of life in San Carlos.  I want to acknowledge the cooperation, work and talent of our team in San Carlos – the City Employees, Managers, Department Heads, City Manager and the City Council that helped make these successes possible.  The recent citizen’s satisfaction survey that showed a 98% positive rating for the Quality of Life in San Carlos shows that these efforts have been enjoyed and appreciated in the community.”


Turning to the future, Moura said “I look forward to working as Assistant City Manager in San Carlos through early summer and then exploring new projects and encore manager opportunities this fall.  Over the years I have found that there are always more challenges and areas to explore when you combine creative ideas, technology and collaborative approaches with local government and city management.  I look forward to exploring new opportunities in these areas in the months ahead.”