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City of San Carlos and San Carlos School District Plan for the Future of North Crestview Park Site
Contact :Jeff Maltbie, City Manager, City Manager    (650) 802-4228
SAN CARLOS, CA, June 24, 2014 – In November 2012, the San Carlos community passed Measure H, a $72 million facilities bond to raise monies to add and modernize San Carlos schools to relieve increasing enrollment and overcrowding.  Earlier this year, the San Carlos School District approached the City of San Carlos asking if it could acquire the North Crestview Park site for the relocation of the Charter Learning Center, currently located at the Tierra Linda Middle School campus. 

The North Crestview Park site is an approximately 4-acre undeveloped park that was originally owned by the School District, and later deeded to the City by the developer of the homes in the area.  The City has not had the funds to develop the park, so it remains open space.  

The City and the School District met together on June 10th to discuss the future of the North Crestview Park site. The goals of an agreement between the two agencies include:  addressing the School District's need to build a new Charter Learning Center for 400 students; resolving some of the traffic issues at Tierra Linda; and increasing the badly needed athletic field space in San Carlos. Both agencies have held additional closed sessions to negotiate various proposals to achieve these goals.  At its June 23rd closed session, the City of San Carlos City Council directed staff to begin working on a formal agreement with the School District based on a number of major deal points outlined below.  

The North Crestview Park site has an appraised value of $13.4 million. The School District has proposed a trade of two of its properties to the City for the North Crestview Park site. The first is approximately 4 acres on the backside of Tierra Linda Middle School, with an appraised value of $12.4 million.  The second is 2.9 acres of open space adjacent to Heather Elementary School, including portions of School District land often referred to as the Heather Dog Park, with an appraised value of $6.6 million.  In addition to both properties, the School District proposed advancing the City $1.5 million to invest in a City-owned all-weather synthetic turf athletic field at Tierra Linda. The $1.5 million would be recovered by the School District through donations from sports groups, such as the local soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse and flag football groups.  The City would fund the remaining costs associated with the new park and field. As part of any potential deal, the School District would ensure that no development takes place on the existing Heather Field for the next 10 years, subject to a five year joint review. Finally, both jurisdictions would share equally in any proceeds if any of these three parcels were ever used or sold for development purposes.

Many details remain to be worked out before an agreement can be voted on by the City Council and the School Board.   The next step in the process is a Protest Hearing that will take place before City Council at 7:00 p.m. on June 30th in Council Chambers at City Hall. A 4/5ths vote of the City Council to overrule protests is required before the issue can be placed before the voters.  Should the Council overrule protests on June 30th with the required 4/5ths vote, Council would immediately consider setting an election for November 4th.  The election will provide San Carlos voters the opportunity to approve the abandonment of the North Crestview Park use designation with a 50% + 1 voting margin as required by State law, which would then allow the School District to build a new charter school on the site. The School District has offered to split the cost of the election with the City, estimated at $50,000.

Mayor Mark Olbert said, "I'm pleased the first-ever joint meetings of the San Carlos City Council and the San Carlos School Board resulted in a proposal that has a tremendous potential to address severe traffic congestion, reduce school site overcrowding and retain and expand our recreational resources. This is historic, and reflects what makes San Carlos a great place to live, learn, work and play: our ability to work together to improve our community."

School District Board President Adam Rak added,  "The success of these negotiations is a testament to the willingness of both agencies to work together for the betterment of the entire San Carlos community.  This agreement will address the enrollment challenges of the District, add more open space and increase fields in our city.  When we work together we can accomplish great things for our community."