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PG&E To Comply With Court Injunction
Natural Gas Transmission Through Line 147 To Be Safely & Effectively Shut Down
Contact :Jeff Maltbie, City Manager, City Manager    (650) 802-4228
Greg Rubens, City Attorney, City Attorney    (650) 593-3117x202
SAN CARLOS, CA, October 5, 2013 – On Friday, October 4, 2013 at approximately 5:00pm, Judge George Miram of the San Mateo County Superior Court, issued an Order for Temporary Injunction ordering PG&E to immediately shut off service to Pipeline 147 in the City of San Carlos, in a safe and effective manner.

 This afternoon, PG&E officials verbally assured City of San Carlos Public Works Director Jay Walter that Line 147 would be shut down Sunday afternoon, upon completion of work in progress on Line 101 – the pipeline that stretches from South San Francisco to San Jose, in a roughly north/south configuration.  PG&E's decision to comply with the injunction issued by Judge Miram is a positive step forward in ensuring the safety of the residents of San Carlos. 

In response to these developments, Mayor Bob Grassilli stated, "I urge PG&E to shut the line down on Sunday, and not drag the process out as late as Tuesday, as the company stated in their recent press release.  Since Line 147 has been shut down in the past for an extended period of time with no disruption in service, we expect this shutdown to also have no impact on our residents." 

Vice-Mayor Mark Olbert commented on the news from PG&E by stating, “I’m relieved PG&E will do the right thing and shut down Line 147 until they can prove the inconsistencies uncovered in their records are not indicative of a serious flaw. Being able to serve their customers is important, but protecting people and communities from horrific disasters is far more so. In the future, I urge them to be more forthcoming about the kinds of in-house discussions which forced us to declare the state of emergency.”

The City Manager responded, “I commend PG&E executives for making the right choice to shut down Line 147 as soon as possible. We expect the line to remain inoperable until such time that City Staff and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) have the opportunity to request, review and assess all relevant data in regards to the safety and condition of Line 147.”

The City has scheduled a meeting with the CPUC on Monday morning, and will contact Federal regulatory agencies to ensure that everything that can be done, is being done by PG&E to ensure the safety of this pipeline. Despite PG&E’s continued assurance that Line 147 is safe, it is the City’s position that there are gaps in PG&E’s records concerning the composition of Line 147, and its condition since it was pressure tested in 2011. The City does not believe that the pressure test conducted 2 years ago is definitive proof that the pipeline remains safe today, given that a previously undisclosed leak occurred in 2012 after the test had been conducted and the fact that the composition of Line 147 remains unknown. 

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