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2016-2018 Adopted Budget Update

Each year, the City Manager prepares a Proposed Budget for the City of San Carlos. This budget is forwarded to the City Council for consideration and is then adopted with the City Council's changes.  The 2016-2018 Adopted Budget Update was adopted on June 26, 2017 and is the culmination of many months of work based on Council priorities, citizen input, department requests, performance measures and the 2017-2018 Strategic Plan.

Either click on the sections below or click on the image to the right to access the Adopted Budget with a hyperlinked Table of Contents for easy navigation through the document.

Budget Overview
Financial Summaries
Organizational Charts & Performance Measures
Personnel Summary
Capital Improvement Program

           Fiscal Year 2016-2018 Adopted Budget Update

 Learn More About the Budget 

The City of San Carlos has launched a new budgeting application called Balancing Act. This is a fun and easy way for you to learn more about our budget and the choices the Council has faced in the budgeting process. Although our budget was adopted, this application allows you to try allocating funds — expressing your priorities and preferences —  but also requires you to balance spending and revenue.   
Where Does My Money Go?

This link will estimate the portions of sales and property taxes paid by San Carlos residents that are available to use for services such as public safety, parks and public works. You will be asked for your gross income and age, and using the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure tables, an estimate of your sales tax consumption will be realized. In addition, you will be asked to input your assessed property values and the amount of property tax paid will be calculated based on our current rates.  

  • Property Tax Breakdown 
  • Sales Tax Rate Breakdown  
  • Property Tax Allocation Compared to SM County