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Business Registration Fee Calculations

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For new businesses that have a location within San Carlos, business registration fees are calculated based on the type of business you have and the number of employee/owners. 

To calculate your business registration fee:

1. Type of Business - Check your type of business as Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturing, Services or Professions

2. Fee Calculations- Check your amount due based on the type of business and number of employees here:

The MINIMUM base fee is $204 and the MAXIMUM base fee is $2,573* AB 1379


Miscellaneous Fees

--Change of Ownership Ownership is NOT TRANSFERABLE.
--New owner requires new business registration application, possible planning review and applicable fees

--Change of Address $91.62 zoning / tech fee and planning approval per change of business address within San Carlos

- Please use
Business Registration Change Form

If you have any questions, please contact Finance at (650) 802-4213 or