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Business Registration Renewals

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   Renew Online (you will need your Account ID and Security Code, found on your Renewal Notice) 

   --  Renewal Calculations   

    -- Out of Town Businesses don't typically receive Renewal Notices

    -- Please call or email if you need your Account ID and Security Code or would like to pay over the phone

Changes to your Existing Business Registration:
  • Change of address within San Carlos requires a new zoning clearance and Fire Dept review prior to issuance of an amended business registration certificate, per SCMC Code 5.04.070
  • Change of business name  or mailing address do not require zoning clearance
  • Ownership is not transferable and any changes in ownership require new business registration application, zoning review and applicable fees
  • For "in-town" businesses, please submit changes via the Business Registration Change Form.
  • For minor changes or changes to "out of town" businesses' account information, please submit changes via email at