City of San Carlos - Flow Chart


Business Registration Flow Chart

Please review the flow chart below that outlines the San Carlos Business Registration Process. You can also download the document for your records.

Download: Flow Chart information for your records PDF icon (PDF, 95 K)

flow chart for Business Registration

* Permitted Use: A business use permitted by the Zoning Ordinance without any
Special approvals beyond Zoning Clearance approved by Planning Staff.

** Conditional Use: A business use that requires further review and approval by
the Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission. These business types are listed
as conditional uses in the Zoning Ordinance or as a use similar to a permitted use.
The use permit may include certain conditions imposed by the Zoning Administrator or
Planning Commission.

Planning Division (650) 802-4263
Building Division (650) 802-4261
Finance Division (650) 802-4213