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Home Occupation Conditions

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Individuals and firms doing business in a residential area need to obtain a Home Occupation approval from the City of San Carlos. Here are the conditions that must be met to receive such an approval:

Commercial Vehicles and/or Attachments: One commercial vehicle per site. No attachments or equipment shall be permitted when vehicles are not in use and within view of the public right-of-way.

Customer Visits: With the exception of home tutoring, no client visits are allowed in the home.

Direct Sales: No direct sales of products or services are allowed except via telephone, mail or other form of electronic communication.

Employees: Home occupations shall not be permitted which involve business activities of non-residential employees.

Enclosure: All businesses, with the exception of garage sales, shall take place inside a totally enclosed living area.

Equipment: No mechanical or electrical equipment, which is not customarily used in the home, shall be permitted. Facsimile and copy machines, computers and other similar business office equipment are permitted. Small power tools and similar equipment/machinery are permitted.

Garage Storage: Storage of business items and business activity conducted within a required garage shall not be permitted if the interior garage does not exceed 20' x 20'. Any excess width or depth may be utilized for business activity.

Instruction: No more than two pupils at any time can receive home instruction (by appointment only), with the exception of no more than four recitals per year.

Signage: Signs other than addresses are not permitted.

Space Utilization: No more than one fourth of the area of one floor shall be used for the home occupation.

Structural Modifications: Home occupations shall not be permitted which involve an entrance to a space devoted to such use, not from within the building and internal or eternal alterations of construction features not customary in dwellings are created.

Traffic/Parking: No additional parking or traffic impacts shall be created as a result of this home occupation use.

Other Prohibited Uses:

  • Barber, Beauty, Nail Salons.
  • Harboring, training, breeding, raising, or grooming of dogs, cats, or other animals on the premises.
  • Carpentry or cabinet making.
  • Medical, dental, clinics, massage and laboratories.
  • Mini-storage.
  • Repair, fix-it, or plumbing.
  • Storage of equipment, materials, and other accessories to the construction and service trades.
  • Vehicle repair (body, mechnanical, painting, on-site detailing upholstery, and painting, except as specified in section 15.24.050).
  • Welding and machining businesses.
  • No food prepared or stored in a private home shall be used, stored, served, offered for sale, sold or given away in a food facility.