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San Carlos Finance Department

600 Elm Street, 2nd Floor
San Carlos, CA 94070

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9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday (closed 12 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. daily)

Phone (650) 802-4213
Fax (650) 595-6725

Forms  & Information

Where do I start? Business Registration Flow Chart

For Calculation of Fees, please visit the Business Registration Calculations Page

For Businesses Located in San Carlos


  • In Town Business Registration Application (PDF Icon - PDF p. 2 Categories. p 3. Fee Calculations. If your business address is in San Carlos, please fill out this form, calculate the fees due and remit the amount to the City of San Carlos. If you have any questions about the fee schedule and amount due, please email or call the Finance Division. In addition to the annual fee for a business registration, all new, in-town businesses are subject to an $87 zoning review fee, which needs to be calculated with the base fee.
  • Change of business address within San Carlos is  subject to a $87 zoning fee. A change of mailing address does not require a fee. Any change of address needs to be submitted via the In Town Business Registration Application.

  For Businesses Located Outside of San Carlos ("Out of Town" Contractors)


Who needs a business registration?

You need a business registration in the city of San Carlos if:

ü You are conducting any kind of business for profit or for your livelihood within the city of San Carlos

ü You have a fictitious business name certificate

ü You have a State Board of Equalization resale permit

ü You have a listing in the Commercial Directory Yellow Pages, Business White Pages, the newspaper, local business guides, real estate multiple listing books or any other similar listings

ü You have a home based business

How do I get a business registration?

Follow the steps listed below to obtain a business registration:

ü You may obtain a business registration application at San Carlos City Hall or download a fillable PDF on the top of this page

ü Fill out the application completely

ü Pay the required fee and return it along with your completed application to City Hall

Appropriate permits and/or approvals from Planning, Building, Police and any other departments of the City may need to be secured before your business may start. All applicable federal, state, county and city laws, ordinances or regulations must be followed before your business may start. 

 The application will be processed and you should receive your registration within 1-2 weeks. Business registration fees are non-refundable.