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Doing Business in San Carlos - Massage

Specific documentation is required for submission of a business registration application for a massage establishment. 

Documents Required for Submission with New Applications and Annual Renewals:

If any  of the following supporting documentation is not provided, the application will be deemed incomplete and the application process will be delayed. 

  Business Registration Application - Massage  with payment of applicable fees. 

Legal Names, addresses, phone numbers of all owners, employees & independent contractors

o Complete written definition of all services to be provided

o Copy of all professional certifications for all owners, employees & independent contractors

o Copy of CAMTC-certification of all owners, employees & independent contractors  -- If not certified, attach application of  background check, employment history                                              

o Copy of Driver’s License and or state ID of all owners, employees & independent contractors

o Copy of proof of Insurance (No less than $1,000,000.00)


Effective July 11, 2012

What to Know

1.     It is unlawful for any individual to practice Massage Therapy as a sole proprietorship or employee of a Massage Establishment or in any other capacity within the City unless that individual is a certified massage practitioner (please note that Conditional Massage Therapy Certificates are no longer acceptable).

2.     Applications for new Massage Establishments shall pay a one-time zoning clearance fee (currently $255), in addition to the annual business registration fee in accordance with San Carlos Municipal Code Chapter 5.04 and as set forth in this Chapter and pay a business registration fee sufficient to cover registration costs, in accordance with the registration fee schedule set forth in San Carlos Municipal Code Chapter 5.04.

3.     For zoning purposes, Massage Therapy and Massage Establishments are considered to be personal service uses.

What to Submit

The applicant shall submit the following information to the Finance Department for routing to Planning, Building, and Police, as applicable.  If any of the following information is not provided upon submittal, the application shall be deemed incomplete and processing will be delayed:

1.     A business registration application containing the following information:

a)    Legal name of the massage business.

b)    Address and telephone number of the massage business.

c)     Legal names of all owners of the massage business.

d)    A list of all of the massage business’s employees and independent contractors who are performing massage and their CAMTC certification.

e)    Residence address and telephone number of all owners of the massage business.

f)     Business address and telephone number of all owners of the massage business.

g)    The form of business under which the massage business will be operating (i.e., corporation, general or limited partnership, limited liability company, or other form).

h)    Each Owner or Operator of the massage business who is not a CAMTC-certified massage practitioner shall submit an application for a background check, including the following: the individual’s business, occupation, and employment history for the five (5) years preceding the date of the application; the inclusive dates of such employment history; the name and address of any massage business or similar business owned or operated by the individual whether inside or outside the City.

i)      For all Owners, a valid and current driver’s license and/or identification issued by a state or federal governmental agency or other photographic identification bearing a bona fide seal by a foreign government.

j)     For all Owners, a signed statement that all of the information contained in the application is true and correct; that all owners shall be responsible for the conduct of the business’s employees or independent contractors providing massage services; and acknowledging that failure to comply with the California Business and Professions Code section 4600 et seq., any local, state, or federal law, or the provisions of this Chapter may result in revocation of the business’s City registration certificate.

2.     Proof of massage malpractice insurance in the sum of no less than one million dollars.

3.     One-time zoning clearance fee plus annual business registration fee.

4.     Each Massage Therapist and Massage Practitioner shall provide their full, true name, and other names used, date of birth, California driver’s license number or California identification number, social security number, present residence address, telephone number, their sex, height, weight, color of hair, and color of eyes.  Such other identification and information shall be provided as required by the Chief of Police or his representative necessary to confirm the identity of those claiming to hold a valid CAMTC certificate.

5.     A complete definition of all services to be provided.

 6.     Any changes in staffing, ownership, and business address shall be submitted to the City within thirty (30) days after any change.

What to Read for Additional Background

Chapter 5.40 – Massage Therapy Regulations