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Ordinance and/or Rates Revised January 1, 2013


In August 1992, a committee made up of members of the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce, the Harbor Industrial Association and the City staff completed work on a new City business license ordinance. The committee report was considered by the City Council and adopted. The new ordinance took effect on October 1, 1992.

This was the first major rewrite of the ordinance and the input of the business community resulted in a significantly improved business license program in San Carlos.

In June 1995, the Finance Department staff worked with the Permit Streamlining task force to develop a series of recommended changes to the ordinance which were approved by the City Council. Included in these modifications was a change in the name of the program from "Business License" to "Business Registration" in recognition of the fact that the annual amount charged was not a "license" from the City.

To assist firms with obtaining a business registration, we have prepared this on-line version of the business registration ordinance. The on-line version takes the original ordinance text and updates all of the rates so that the user can easily and quickly see what the current charges for their firm will be.

Comments and Questions

We hope you enjoy the on-line edition of the Business Registration Ordinance and Rates document. If you have comments or suggestions about this concept or document, send an e-mail message to Finance,  at (650) 802-4213.

Table of Contents

The on-line version of the Business Registration rules and rates is a hypertext document with five major sections shown below. To get to the information you want, simply click on the major heading of the topic you want and the appropriate hypertext page will appear.

Purpose & Requirements

5.04.010: Purpose
5.04.020: Registration and Fees - Required When - Exemptions
5.04.030: Posting Required
5.04.040: No Fixed Location of Business - Possession Required
5.04.050: Trade Names and Separate Locations
5.04.060: Businesses Requiring Certificate of Occupancy and Zoning Clearance

Fees and Review

5.04.070: Other Fees
5.04.080: 30 Day Temporary Registration
5.04.090: Annual Increase and Maximum Fee
5.04.100: Ordinance Review

Definitions and Rate Categories

5.04.110: Definitions
5.04.120: Registration Categories

A. Group I: Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail
B. Group II: Services, Contractors, Property Rental, Entertainment and Utilities
C. Group III: Professions
D. Group IV: Amusement Devices
E. Group V: Billiard Rooms, Pool Rooms and Bowling Alleys
F. Group VI: Amusement Places, Bingo, Theaters or Exhibition Halls
G. Group VII: Apartment Houses
H. Group VIII: Contractors (Out of Town)
I. Group IX: Seasonal and Specialized

Notices and Refunds

5.04.130: Fee Deemed Debt to City - Liability
5.04.140: Renewal Notices
5.04.150: Refunds Permitted When


5.04.160: Enforcement
5.04.170: Penalties - Nonpayment
5.04.180: Penalties - Waivers
5.04.190: Continuing Violations
5.04.200: Violation - Penalty