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CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports)

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The Administrative Services Department incorporates the City's financial statements into a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), the purpose of which is to present an easily readable and organized report of the financial transactions of the City. A CAFR provides the users of government financial statements with a wide variety of information needed to help them evaluate the financial condition of the City.  

The CAFR is composed of three main parts:

Introductory Section - containing a letter of transmittal, a certificate of achievement award, and a listing of key officials and staff. 

Financial Section - containing an auditors' report, management discussion and analysis (MD&A), government-wide or City-wide and fund level financial statements, explanatory notes to financial statements and supplemental schedules.

Statistical Section - containing various financial, operating and demographic trend data to assist the reader in understanding the changes in the City over time. 

The MD&A, which begins on Page 5 of the CAFR, provides an overview of the financial highlights for the fiscal year and a discussion of significant financial changes from the prior year


               FY 2015-2016                                           FY 2016-2017
               (PDF,  2 MB)                                         (PDF, 4 MB)

      FY 2013-2014 CAFR                                        FY 2014-2015 CAFR     
         (PDF,  2 MB)                                               (PDF,  2 MB)


      FY 2011-2012 CAFR                                          FY 2012-2013 CAFR                             
         (PDF, 1.78 MB)                                            (PDF, 5.61 MB)

           FY 2010-2011 CAFR                                     FY 2009-2010 CAFR                                       
            (PDF, 1.19 MB)                                       (PDF, 1.79 MB)

          FY 2008-2009 CAFR                                      FY2007-2008 CAFR

 (PDF, 1.84 MB)                   
                      (PDF, 1.66 MB)

     FY2006-2007 CAFR
        (PDF, 1.17MB)