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PG&E Pipeline 147 Updates

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PG&E Natural Gas Transmission Line 147 is a 20” high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline that is 3.8 miles long and runs from the Interstate 280 corridor, through San Carlos (roughly along Brittan Ave), to the intersection of Old County Road and Commercial Ave, where it connects with PG&E high pressure natural gas Line 101, that runs north and south along the Peninsula.  See the map.   In early October, 2013, the City of San Carlos became aware of a series of internal PG&E e-mails that disclosed alarming information about the condition of Line 147.   Below is a timeline of events related to the issue of Line 147.

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Public Notice
3/6/2015 PG&E Inspection of Pipeline 147
1/6/2015: PG&E Update on Gas Safety Work and Pipeline Inspection
10/24/14: Natural Gas Venting
4/1/14: Meeting Announcement
3/25/2014: Joint Community Letter
3/25/2014: Natural Gas Venting
 11/14/2013: Senator Hill Public Hearing of Nov. 18, 2013
11/1/2013: Helicopter Patrols
10/25/2013: PG&E Communications on Line 147
 Latest Updates & Press Releases
10/6/2014: San Carlos Asks Governor Brown to Clean House at the CPUC
10/6/2014: PG&E/CPUC Improper Email Communications
10/6/2014: PG&E Late Notice of Ex Parte Communications
10/6/2014: PG&E Certificate of Service Late Notice of Ex Parte Communications
Judge Recommends CPUC Allow PG&E To Fully Activate Natural Gas Line 147 in San Carlos
PG&E to Re-pressurize Natural Gas Line 147
10/29/2013: PG&E and CPUC Pledge to Improve Safety Communication
10/28/2013: Senator Hill Publc Hearing (video)
10/22/2013: Judge Rules On Issues Concerning PG&E Line 147 in San Carlos
10/21/2013: Senator Hill Calls For Hearing on Public Safety Communications in Response to Safety Concerns Over Line 147 in San Carlos
10/10/2013: City Council Ends Declared State of Emergency
10/8/2013: CPUC Orders Line 147 in San Carlos Out of Service
10/7/2013: PG&E Confirms Reduced Pressure in Line 147
10/7/2013: PG&E Complies With Court Injunction
10/5/2013: City Activates Limited Emergency Operations Center
10/5/2013: PG&E To Comply With Court Injunction
10/4/2013: City Manager Declares State of Emergency
10/4/2013: City Council Declares State of Emergency