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Garbage & Recycling

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The Public Works Department is responsible for managing the City's Solid Waste Franchise Agreement with Rethink Waste (South Bayside Waste Management Authority) which provides Garbage and Recycling Collection for all San Carlos residents and businesses.  Click here to see the RethinkWaste 2014 Annual Report.

View information on the 2015 solid waste rates here.

Garbage and Recycling Collection at Your Home or Business

Recycling and Garbage Collection in San Carlos is performed by
Recology San Mateo County under a franchise agreement granted by the City of San Carlos. This includes weekly Garbage Collection, weekly Recycling Collection and weekly Food Scraps & Yard Trimmings Collection.  

Recology San Mateo County has a local office on Shoreway Road in San Carlos, next door to the Shoreway Environmental Center which can be contacted with your questions and issues about these services by calling (650) 595-3900.  The Public Works Department at City Hall can also be contacted if you are not able to resolve your Garbage and Recycling Collection questions or issues with Recology San Mateo County.

Front Door Household Hazardous Waste, Paint, Computers and Consumer Electronics Pick-Up Service

Residential customers in San Carlos (Single Family and Multi-Family Residential units) can arrange to have Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Home Electronics picked up on an as needed basis through services provided by Waste Management's Curbside Inc division that has been arranged by Rethink Waste.  Material that can be picked up from your home includes paint & painting supplies, insecticides, herbicides, auto parts, flourescent lights, batteries, computer monitors, laptops, computers, cell phones, TVs, consumer electronics, cleaning products, pesticides, solvents, non-empty aerosol cans and sharps.  (Sharps pick-up involves an additional fee.)

To arrange a pickup, call 1-800-449-7587 or email The Curbside service center will mail you a pickup kit which consists of heavy plastic bags which the material is placed in for pickup on your front door or driveway.  You then arrange for a pick-up date (typically 2 to 3 weeks from the date of the phone call) and the Curbside team will pick up the material you have bagged at your home on that day.  The links below provide more information on this service.

Drive Up & Drop Off Recycling at Shoreway Environmental Center in San Carlos

In addition to the Garbage and Recycling Collection services and the Front Door Residential Pick-Up services described above, San Carlos residents and businesses can bring recyclables to the 
Shoreway Environmental Center on Shoreway Road. 

The Buy-Back Recycling Center at Shoreway redeems aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles for California Redemption Value (CRV).  Customers can also drop-off for free non-redemption curbside recyclable materials including cardboard, moxed paper, newspaper, magazines, glass, cans, bottles and plastic bottles.

The Drop Off Center at Shoreway accepts used clothing, shoes, purses, consumer electronics, computers, computer monitors, TVs, copiers, faxes, VCRs, laptops, scrap metal, motor oil, antifreeze, oil filters, latex paint, flourescent lighting tubes, cell phones, household batteries, car batteries, dishes and utensils, pots and pans, lamps, fans, kids toys and games, hard and soft cover books, cooking oil and sharps. 

Click the links below for more detailed information on these drive up and drop off services available at the
Shoreway Environmental Center.

Garbage Dumping at the Transfer Station

Residents and Businesses who want to bring Solid Waste (Garbage) directly to the
Transfer Station on Shoreway Road in San Carlos can do so for a fee.  The Transfer Station is owned by Rethink Waste and is operated under contract by South Bay Recycling.

Materials accepted at the Transfer Station include household and business solid waste, clean green waste and wood, appliances (refrigerant units only accepted with certification of Freon removal), auto and truck tires, concrete and asphalt and like materials, clean dirt fill, mixed demolition debris and other non-hazardous materials and items.

Transfer Station Rates are charged by cubic yardage, ton or per unit. Acceptable forms of payment include Cash, Business Checks, Credit Cards and Debt Cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo.  No personal checks are accepted.

Customers who have recyclable items for drop-off at the Public Recycling Center will be directed by Transfer Station Scale House Staff to the Public Recycling Drop-Off area.

Debris Boxes

Debris boxes are made available through various vendors.  Please see the Yellow Pages under - Rubbish Containers and Hauling.  The vendor you choose MUST have a San Carlos Business License.

In addition, residents will need to apply for an encroachment permit from Public Works Department.  The current fee is $55.00 plus a $200 refundable deposit, to be made payable to the City of San Carlos.  We accept cash, check and credit cards (Visa or MasterCard).

Downtown Garbage Can Pick-Up

Recology is contracted by the City to provide garbage pickup in the downtown area. 

For complaints or unresolved issues about garbage service, please contact Public Works at (650) 802-4194.