City of San Carlos - Top Employers


Top Employers

Top Employers are the companies or businesses that employ the most number of people at the City of San Carlos.  Top employers in any city could include for-profit, public or non-profit entities.  These employers in general have the same ripple effect upon the economic activity of the City such as an increase in dining, shopping, and services utilization.  Therefore, we have included not only for profit employers but also non- profits and government agencies in the top employers categories.
Employment Profile
Type of Business
SoftBank 800 Telecommunication
SamTrans 421 County Transit District
L3 Electron 400 Microwave Electronic Tubes
San Carlos Elementary School District 295 K-8 Public Schools
Pacific Gas & Electric 270 Utility Supplier
Kelly-Moore Paint Company 250 Paint
Recology 238 Waste & Recycling
Delta Star 207 Electrical Transformers
Home Depot 197 Home Improvement
Novartis 170 Pharmaceuticals
Best Buy 120 Retail Electronics
City of San Carlos 109 City Government