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Q. How do I obtain a Restraining Order against someone?
The San Mateo County Superior Court website has information on how to obtain a Restraining Order.

Q. What is a "Civil Standby"? What is the purpose and what is the police officer allowed to do in regards to helping or giving the person who wants to or claims to have property in the house?
A. Civil Standby is a situation where the peace officer stands by to keep the peace in a situation involving a civil dispute, not a violation of the law. It is very common in domestic disputes where one party wants to remove his or her property from a dwelling for example. The officer stands by and tries to insure that the move is done peacefully. The officer is a neutral party in such a case, however, he or she may take action if one party assaults another.

Q. What is your policy on requests for Police Bureau patch trades, exchanges and purchases?
Due to limited supplies and numerous requests, we cannot offer San Carlos Police Bureau patches for sale, trade or gratis.

Q.What can someone do if they are the victim of a bad check?
A. If you are the victim of a bad check, please contact the Bad Check Restitution Program through the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office at 1-866-909-8438 or go to the website at: