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Q: How many Parks are there in San Carlos?
There are 17 parks in San Carlos.  
1. Arguello Park, Wellington Drive, off Phelps Rd.
2. Big Canyon Park, 3200 block of Brittan Ave.
3. Burton Park, Brittan Ave., Cedar Street, Arroyo Ave.
4. Cedar Street Neighborhood Park, 100 block of Cedar St.
5. Chilton Park, 48 Bayview Dr. (open space)
6. City Hall Park, Elm St. and San Carlos Ave.
7. Crestview Park (Nannarone Field), Crestview Dr. at Leslie Ct.
8. Eaton Park, West end of Eaton Ave.
9. Heather Dog Area, 2700 block of Melendy Dr. (west side of Heather School)
10. Highlands Park, Melendy Dr. at Aberdeen Dr.
11. Hillcrest Circle Park, Hillcrest and Arundel roads
12. Frank D. Harrington Park, 700 block of Laurel St.
13. Laureola Park, 503 Old County Rd.
14. North Crestview Park, 350 Crestview Dr.
15. Rosek Park, 455 Elm St.
16. San Carlos Avenue Neighborhood Park, 2400 block of San Carlos Ave.
17. Vista Park, 401 Crestview Dr.

For more information click:  Parks Info

Q: I am interested in making a donation to a specific program in the City. How can that be done? Will it be tax deductible?
The City welcomes donations, be they monetary or services. A number of programs and projects are already receiving assistance to ensure that the activity happens. A number of non-profit, tax-exempt entities exist to support these activities, including Friends of the Senior Center, Parks and Recreation Foundation of San Carlos and San Carlos Children's Theater. Call (650) 802-4382 for more information on this opportunity.

Q: I'd like to volunteer to help in one of your Recreation Department programs. How do I go about that?
A number of Volunteer Opportunities exist within the Recreation Department. The Adult Community Center, special events and summer camps are but a few programs where we rely on a number of volunteers.

Q: May I reserve a picnic area in a park?
Yes, reservable picnic sites are available at Burton Park, Laureola Park,  Arguello Park and Crestview Park.  You may reserve a picnic site for picnics from March through October.  For questions, call (650) 802-4382.

Picnic Information

Q: May I smoke in the Parks?

At the City Council meeting of July 13, 2015, the Municipal Code regarding Smoking was amended as follows:

12.12.260 Smoking.

Smoking, as defined by Chapter 8.06, is prohibited in any park or facility owned or controlled by the City and in City-owned open space areas, including, but not limited to, baseball, football, soccer or other sports fields or stadiums, dog parks, plazas, trails, playgrounds, easements, pathways, music venues, grass or turf fields and play areas, water features, and driveways or ramps located in or on such areas.

The City Manager or his or her designee may, but is not required to, provide limited locations designated as “outdoor smoking areas,” which are posted with signs so designating such areas. (Ord. 1495 § 1, 2015: Ord. 1332 § 2 (part), 2004)

Q: There is a hazard in a public park. Where do I report it?
Call the Parks and Recreation General Services Division office at (650) 802-4140. If it is after hours, call the Public Works Department Emergency Service number at (650) 593-8013. You may bring a specific issue or situation to the city's attention by visiting the complaint page on the city's website.

Q: What are the membership requirements for participating at the San Carlos Adult Community Center?
The San Carlos Adult Commmunity Center provides classes, programs and services that fit your lifestyle.

The mission of the San Carlos Adult Community Center is to"promote healthy lifestyles, lifelong learning and independence for adults 50 and over by providing opportunities for recreation, relationships and resources".

There are no membership or residency requirements to use the Center.

For information on day or evening classes and programs, community events, facility rentals, senior services or volunteer opportunities check the Adult Community Center website.

Q: When will I be able to sign up for Recreation Department classes?
Registration is currently underway for the fall session (September-December 2016). 

You can create your own account to register for classes by visiting and clicking on the "Create My Account" tab.

If you have questions, please call the Recreation office at (650) 802-4382, or email

The Registration office is located at the Adult Community Center, 601 Chestnut Street.

Q: When will the next City Newsletter/Recreation Department Activity Guide be available?
You can view the monthy Parks & Recretion eNewsletter online or you could sign up to have them emailed to you whenever they are published.

Click on the eNotify link to subscribe.

Several times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter), the Parks & Recreation Department mails out a guide to Recreation Classes & Activities. This information is now available on the City's website and via the eNotify  system.

You can create your own account to register/sign up for classes & programs online. Just go to and click on the "Create My Account" tab.  If you have questions please call the Recreation office at (650) 802-4382, or email

Q: Where can I legally take my dog to run?
The Heather Dog Exercise Area, located adjacent to Heather School on Melendy Avenue, is a 1.5 acre park that has a small flat area for pet exercising and a large hillside with a trail for both the pet and owner to enjoy. The access is through the Heather School Parking lot.

City Hall Park, located at the corner of Elm Street and San Carlos Avenue is the second and newest site. 

At all other City park sites, dogs are allowed if they are on leash, under control and properly licensed. At all sites, it is imperative and mandatory that pet owners clean up after their animal. "Pooper scooper” dispensers are available at all park sites.

Off-Leash Dog Areas

Q: Where may I barbecue in San Carlos parks?
Post-type, grill barbecues are located at the San Carlos parks listed below.

  • Arguello Park, Wellington Drive off Phelps Road
  • Burton Park, between Cedar Street and Chestnut Street off Arroyo Avenue
  • Les Mundel Grove, directly behind the San Carlos Youth Center, on Woodland Avenue between Brittan Avenue and Bay Tree Road
  • Cedar Street Neighborhood Park, 100 block of Cedar Street
  • Crestview Park, 1000-A Crestview Drive at Leslie Court
  • Hillcrest Circle Park, Hillcrest and Arundel Roads
  • Laureola Park between Old County Road and Bayport Court, with an entrance on Old County Road
  • San Carlos Avenue Neighborhood Park, 2400 block of San Carlos Avenue.

Barbecues are available first come, first serve during non-permitted hours. Portable barbecues pose a safety risk and are not permitted in the parks.

What might be the effect on property values of a renovated park?  
The real estate market consistently demonstrates many people are willing to pay a larger amount for property located close to well-maintained parks and open space areas than for a home that does not offer this amenity. There is consensus among econometric studies that an active park has a significant impact on property values up to 500-600 feet from the park. The property value increase ranges from 5-22%. (*)

While many other factors related to the house can increase or decrease the value of a home, if the average home within 500 feet of the park is worth $600,000 today, even a 5% increase would add $30,000 to its value with a 15% increase adding $90,000. Property values can also be negatively affected by a run down park. While no one can guarantee a particular increase in value, we can assume that renovating Hillcrest Circle Park will positively impact the property values of all neighbors.

(*) Dr. John L. Crompton, Distinguished Professor, Texas A & M University The Proximate Principle: The Impact of Parks, Open Space and Water Features on Residential Property Values and the Property Tax Base.