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This beautiful facility located in the heart of San Carlos, is ideal for adult activities, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, seminars, and organizational meetings. The facility offers a banquet room with bay windows overlooking the city park a lovely garden area.  The center also has rooms for smaller functions.  You can bring in your own caterer with pre-approval.  Visitor parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood and at a nearby public parking lot.


 Park View Room: Patio Room: Park View & Patio Room: 
 100 guests, dinner only 45 guests, dinner only   150 guests, dinner only
 75 guests, dinner/dancing 96 guests, assembly only  150 guests, dinner/dancing

Resident Fees    
Park View Room: Patio Room: Park View &Patio Room: 
Deposit:  $500.00 Deposit:  $250.00 Deposit:  $500.00
First 3 Hours:       $670.00
Each Add'l Hour:   $87.00
Insurance:  $81 No Alcohol
$240 Beer/Wine/ Champagne
First 3 Hours:      $401.00
Each Add'l Hour:  $87.00
Insurance:  $81 No Alcohol
$240 Beer/Wine/Champagne
First 3 Hours:     $832.00
Each Add'l Hour:  $87.00
Insurance:  $113 No Alcohol
$328 Beer/Wine/Champagne

Non-Resident Fees

Park View Room:                     Patio Room                        Park View & Patio Room
Deposit:  $500.00                      Deposit:  $250.00                  Deposit:  $500.00
First 3 Hours:        $804.00        First 3 Hours:       $481.00      First 3 Hours:      $998.00
Each Add'l Hour:    $104.00        Each Add'l Hour:  $104.00     Each Add'l Hour:   $104.00
Insurance:  $81 No Alcohol        Insurance:  $81 No Alcohol    Insurance:  $113 No Alcohol
$240 Beer/Wine/Champagne    $240 Beer/Wine/Champagne    $328 Beer/Wine/Champagne

For more information please call (650) 802-4113 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  You can also send an email inquiry to the Rental Coordinator.