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Where do the campers meet on the first day?
  • Wee Woods (4-5 year olds) - meets in the Youth Center - Dance Studio room
  • Burton (6-8 year olds) - meets in Burton Park Redwood Grove on the Flanagan Field (east side)
  • Arguello (9-12 year olds) - meets at the main parking lot off of Wellington Drive
  What does my child need to bring on the first day of camp? 
  Campers should bring a bagged lunch, water and sunscreen.  They will receive a calendar for the session on the first day with additional information on what they need to bring each day and an emergency card that must be completed and returned to camp staff within 24 hours.
  What should my camper wear to camp? 
  Outdoor play clothes and closed-toed shoes.  It is also recommended that they wear clothes they don't mind getting dirty or wet since some of the activities are very messy.  And since weather is unpredictable, a sweatshirt and hat is suggested to bring as well. 
  Where are the camp sites? 
  • Wee Woods (4-5 year olds) is held at the Youth Center - 1001 Chestnut Street
  • Burton (6-8 year olds) is held at the Youth Center, 1001 Chestnut Street, but mainly outside in Les Mundell Grove and the Burton Park grass area
  • Arguello (9-12 year olds) is held at Arguello Park - 260 Wellington Drive (Wellington Drive & Phelps Road)
What is the camper to leader ratios?
  • Wee Woods     6:1
  • Burton             8:1
  • Arguello          10:1
Are campers given a snack every day?
Yes, snack will be served every day.
What time is camp?
Adventure Camp runs from 10am-4pm Monday through Friday.
Do you offer extended care before and after the regularly scheduled camp day?
Yes! We offer AM Extended care from 8-10am for an additional $36 per week and PM Extended care from 4-6pm for an additional $36 per week.
Where is AM / PM Extended Care?
For Wee Woods and Burton, please check in at the front desk of the Youth Center.  AM and PM Care is usually in the YC Gym or Dance Studio. For Arguello, please go to the shed/field at Arguello Park closest to the Phelps Road entrance.
If I cannot pick up my child today, can a relative or a friend pick them up?
Yes, only with the provision of a written note with your signature that you are designating that person to pick up your child.  We will also be asking for that person to provide proper identification to ensure that your child is leaving the camp with the designated person of your choice.
My child has a field trip today, what do they need?
The parent calendar is given out on the first day of the session and has all the additional information on what they need to bring for field trips.  Unnecessary items or items not on the list are not to be brought along and will be at your own risk in the event of a loss. 
My child has to take medications during the day.  Are medications allowed to bring with them?
Yes.  Parents are required to sign the medication release on the permission form granting the camp leaders the permission to administer the medication to the child during the day.  In addition, the medication will need to be in its orginal container that holds the instructions for administering the medication.
Can you put sunscreen on my child?
We can only put sunscreen on your child if you sign the medication release on the permission form granting permission for the staff to apply it.  Otherwise, they will have to apply it on themselves.  In the event your child forgot to bring their sunscreen, the camp has supply available.
What is the camp's cancellation and refund policy?
Make your camp selections carefully!  If you must withdraw from camp, a refund will be issued ONLY if notice is received 5 or more working days prior to the first day of the camp session.  There is a $10 processing fee to process the withdrawal.  Transfers between camps can be arranged on a space-available basis.  FEES ARE NOT PRO-RATED. 
If camps are full, can I be put on the waitlist?
Yes.  Waiting lists are in effect up to one week prior to camp start date, then camp openings will be filled first-come, first serve.
Is there a phone number I can call if I don't see my question here?
Yes.  You may call the Recreation office at 650-802-4382 or the Youth Center at 650-802-4471.