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Where: Near Edgewood Road and Highway 280, between Redwood City and San Carlos.
Plants and Animals: A popular spot for viewing Spring wildflowers, Edgewood Preserve is home to many plant, insect and animal communities specific and native to California. Although the Preserve is within earshot of a major highway and many homes you'll still encounter a rich and diverse animal population. Deer, rabbits, bobcats, raccoons, coyotes, rattlesnakes and other species make their homes within Edgewood. Insect populations, particularly spiders and butterflies, are flourishing in the Preserve. Birders will find the varied plant life supporting a variety of species. Seven rare or endangered plant species have been identified within the Preserve.

Attractions: The County Park and Natural Preserve contains a selection of ecological zones, from chaparral to riparian Oak woodland to grassland. Of the major zones specific to the Peninsula, only Redwood forest is not represented. The 600 ft. elevation gain within the park provides views of the San Francisco Watershed to the we st, the Santa Cruz mountains, the South Bay and Mount Hamilton to the south, Mount Diablo to the east and San Bruno Mountain, San Francisco and Mt. Tamalpais to the north.

Trails: Edgewood Trail and Serpentine Loop encircle the Preserve, with the Ridgeview Loop trail and Sylvan Trail reaching the higher elevation and meadow areas. The Sylvan Trail is limited to hiking and running only, you'll see an occassional horse and rider on the Edgewood Trail. The Clarkia Trail follows the meadows down to Canada Road.

How to Get There: From San Carlos or Redwood City, head west on Edgewood Road. At Old Stage Coach Rd. you'll see a sign on your left for the Preserve. Be careful with this left turn, particularly during commute hours , since Edgewood's traffic moves pretty quickly. From 280, exit at Edgewood and head east, down the hill. The park entrance is on your right. There's a dirt parking lot just to the right of the entrance, and there's a paved lot for about a dozen cars a bit further along at the Preserve trailhead. A small picnic area, an information station and maps are located here. There are alternate walk-in entrances to the Preserve from Hillcrest Way and Canada Rd.

Hours: The park opens at 8:00 AM and closes at sunset.

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