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Location: On the west side of the 400 block of Crestview Drive, opposite Chicory Lane.

Acreage: 3.8

Park Amenities: Benches, Jogging Path, Open Space, Picnic Tables, Spectacular View.

This site has a magnificent view of the Peninsula, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, the Bay, three bridges (the Bay, San Mateo and Dumbarton Bridges) as well as Mount Tamalpais to the north, Mount Diablo to the east and Mount Hamilton to the south. It's present use is by local resident walkers, pet owners and passive users.

Past: Vista Park, approximately 270 feet by 617 feet, was dedicated to the City for a future park site by the developers of the La Ventana subdivision project in the early 1970's. The site was "developed" as topsoil from the nearby construction was dumped there. The developers also used the site for storage during the construction process. The condominium project was completed in early 1989 and the park location was graded for future development. A trash can and sign were placed in the park for use by dog owners.

A park design was developed in 1997 and thanks to an aggressive fund raising campaign ($20,000 raised by the community) and matching funds provided by City Council, the project eventually cost $40,000. The park was constructed in a phased manner in 1997-99. The park was dedicated on September 25, 1999.

Present: Vista park is the pilot site for native species, pesticide free park. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) calls for using the method least harmful to the environment and progressing to the use of the chemicals only if there is no other viable alternative. Native vegetation landscaping has been planted throughout the park, including Bee's Bliss (Salvia), Bear Berry (Arctostaphylos), Little Sur Manzanita (A. Edmundisi), Festuca (F. Californica), Muhelenbergia (M. Rigens-Deer Grass), Sisynachiam (S. Bellum Nanum), Blue eyed grass, Lupin, Mahonia Berberis (Oregon Grape) and California Poppies.