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Industrial Road Parallel Sanitary Sewer Project C9612-14
Bid Opening: 2/17/2015
Status; Closed

Contractor Total Base Bid Amount
K.J. Woods Construction, Inc.  $4,454,000.00
 JMB Construction, Inc.  $5,238,560.00
 Con-Quest Contractors, Inc.  $5,698,827.00
 McGuire and Hester  $5,871,095.00
 Precision Engineering, Inc.  $6,064,625.00
 Mountain Cascade, Inc.  $6,281,970.00

Bid Summary

El Camino Real Lighting and Landscaping
Bid Opening Date: 02/06/2015 at 10:00am
Status; Closed

Contractor Total Bid Amount
W. Bradley Electric, Inc.   $ 443,921.50
Redwood Engineering Construction  $ 499,777.00
Suarez and Munoz Inc.  $ 580,415.00

Fire Station No. 16 Seismic Retrofit Project C9821
Bid Opening: 2/4/2015
Status; Closed

 Bidder Name Total Bid
 CWS Construction  $33,800.00
 Strawn Construction, Inc.  $40,138.20
 Cova Construction  $42,100.00
 B Bros Construction, Inc.  $43,706.00
 JCM Construction, Inc.  $44,090.00
 Merbrink Construction, Inc.  $45,462.00
 E.R. Brothers Company, Inc.  $46,200.00
 Southwest Construction & Property Management  $47,776.00
 Ronpans Construction Co. Inc.  $47,934.00
 R.C. Benson & Sons, Inc.  $58,789.20

Bid Summary 

2014-B Pavement Maintenance Project C9416-14
Bid Opening: 10/7/2014
Status; Closed

 Bidder Name  Base Bid Bid Alternate A Bid Alternate B Bid Alternate C  Bid Alternate D  Total  Bid 
 G. Bortolotto & Co., Inc. $856,764.39 $49,842.70 $1,500.00 $4,000.00 $3,040.00 $915,147.09
C.F. Archibald Paving, Inc. $943,864.00 $46,353.00 $1,020.00 $2,720.00 $2,006.00 $995,964.00
MCK Services, Inc. $963,242.60 $109,481.00 $1,500.00 $4,000.00 $3,760.00 $1,081,983.60
O'Grady Paving, Inc. $975,380.00 $73,593.00 $1,500.00 $5,000.00 $3,040.00 $1,058,513.00
Interstate Grading & Paving, Inc. $989,918.00 $52,235.80 $1,125.00 $3,000.00 $2,280.00 $1,048,558.80

Sanitary and Storm Sewers GEC 2014
Project Number: N/A
Bid Opening: 10/1/14
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

Bid Total 

JMB Construction, Inc.  4.97%
 Cratus, Inc.  7.25%
 Rodan Builders, Inc.  9.50%
 Stoloski & Gonzalez, Inc.  14.35%
 McGuire & Hester  19.26%
 Trinet Construction, Inc.  23.94%

 San Carlos - Holly 101 East Channel Sediment Removal Projects
Bid Opening:09/22/2014
Status; Closed
 Bidder Name  Base Bid  Bid Alternate  Total  Bid 
 Granitrock Compnay  $622,626.00  $25,000.00  647,626.00
 Trinet Construction, Inc.  $793,881.00  $120,000.00  $913,881.00
 Pipe and Plant Solution  $1,057,730.00  $20,000.00  $1,077,730.00
 Water Rock Construction  $893,993.00  $50,000.00  $943,993.00

2014 Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Project C9617-14B
Project Number: C9617-14B
Bid Opening: 9/16/14
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name  Bid Total
Cratus, Inc. $282,550
Casey Construction, Inc. $409,400
Precision Engineering, Inc. $531,100
EPS, Inc. dba Express Plumbing $569,000

    2014 Pavement Maintenance Project
    Project Number: C9416-13
    Bid Opening: 8/6/2014
    Status: Closed 

 Bidder Name  Bid Total
G. Bortolotto & co., Inc.  $607,751.11
 Interstate Grading & Paving, Inc.  $676,921.00
O'Grady Paving, Inc. $740,786.00
C.F. Archibald Paving, Inc. $774,881.00

Bid Summary Report

2014 Sidewalk Removal and Replacement Project
Project Number: C9465-14
Bid Opening: 7/31/2014
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name  Bid Total
 JJR Construction, Inc.  $121,990.60
 Bay Area Light Works  $151,862.00

Cordilleras Ave. Traffic Calming Improvements
Project Number: C9815
Bid Opening: 8/1/2014
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name  Bid Total
Redwood Engineering Construction  $72,916
JJR Construction, Inc.  $89,305.25
Sposeto Engineering, Inc.  $103,592

2014 Miscellaneous Storm Repairs Project C9531-13
Project Number: C9531-13
Bid Opening: 7/8/2014
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name  Bid Total
 Rodan Builders, Inc.  $219,411
 Cratus, Inc.  $224,200
 Quimo Contracting, Inc.  $274,170

Sewer Condition Assessment Replacement Project C9617-14
 Project Number: C9617-14
 Bid Opening: 7/2/2014
 Status: Closed

Cordilleras Ave. Traffic Calming Improvements

 Bidder Name  Bid Total
 Cratus, Inc.  $118,866
 Pacific Underground Construction, Inc.  $120,110
 Rodan Builders, Inc.  $149,027

Council Chambers Remodel
Project Number: C9802
Bid Opening: 6/5/14
Status: Closed

Bidder Name

Bid total

Zolman Construction


Joseph Cumiskey Const.


2014 Annual Pavement Marker and Striping Project
Project Number:
Bid Opening:
Status: Closed

Bidder Name

Bid total

Sierra Striping, Inc.   


Chrisp Company


Quality Striping, Inc.


Crestview Park Renovation
Project Number: C9336
Bid Opening: 03/10/2014
Status: Closed

Bidder Name

Bid total

Suarez and Munoz


QLM Inc.




Robert A. Bothman




Redwood Engineering



Crestview Drive Pavement Rehabilitation Phase 2
Project Number: C9416
Bid Opening: 02/11/2014
Status: Closed

Bidder Name

Bid Total

O'Gradey Paving, Inc


MCK Services, Inc


G. Bortolotto & Co., Inc


Granite Rock Company


Half Moon Bay Grading & Paving, Inc


Interstate Grading & Paving, Inc


Ghilotti Construction Company, Inc


Road Reconstructors, Inc


Industrial Road Landscape Project
Project Number: C9492
Bid Opening: 12/23/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

Bid Total 

 Redwood Engineering Construction


 Golden Bay Construction



Sewer Capacity Assurance Improvements, Phase I Project C9612-12
Project Number: C9612-12
Bid Opening: 10/24/2013
Status: Closed

Bidder Name

Bid Total

Bay Pacific Pipeline, Inc.


Stoloski & Gonzalez, Inc.


Platinum Pipeline, Inc.


Ranger Pipelines, Inc.


KJ Woods Construction, Inc.



Sanitary and Storm Sewers General Engineering Contract 2013
Project Number: C9612-12
Bid Opening: 10/24/2013
Status: Closed

Bidder Name

Bid Total

Rodan Builders, Inc.


NorCal Pipeline Services


Valentine Corporation


 2013 Sidewalk Repair Project

 Project Number: C9465
 Bid Opening: 10/10/13
 Status: Closed

 Bidder Name



Bid Amount 

 BPR, Inc.





Sidewalk offset saw-cutting 



 Precision Concrete Cutting





Sidewalk offset saw-cutting 



Abbreviation: IN/FT=inch-foot

Sanitary Sewer Lateral Replacement Project
Project Number: C9617-13
Bid Opening: 10/02/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

Bid Total 

Sanact, Inc.


Casey Construction, Inc.


EPS, Inc. dba Express Plumbing 



Burton Park Improvements Phase II
Project Number: C9344
Bid Opening: 07/25/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 Suarez & Munoz Construction, Inc.


 Star Construction, Inc.


 CF Contracting, Inc.


 Rodan Builders, Inc.


 Mark Lee & Young Kay, Inc.


Bid Summary

Drainage Ditch Cleaning Project

Project Number: C9531
Bid Opening: 7/19/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

Bid Total 

 Proven Management, Inc.


Bid Summary

Bransten Road Curb Extension and Storm Water Treatment
Project Number: C9422
Bid Opening: 7/23/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 Redwood Engineering Construction


 Rodan Builders, Inc.


 Conquest Contractors, Inc.



Old County Road Rule 20A Undergrounding Project

Project Number: C9486
Bid Opening: 7/2/13
Status: Closed

Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 Columbia Electric, Inc.


 St. Francis Electric


 Smith Denison Construction, Inc.


 Lewis & Tibbitts, Inc.


 Northern Underground Contruction, Inc.


 Ranger Pipelines



2013 Miscellaneous Pavement Repair, MicroSurfacing & Drainage Improvements Project

Project Number: C9416
Bid Opening: 6/24/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 G. Bortolotto & Company


 O'Grady Paving


 American Asphalt


 Interstate Grading & Paving, Inc.



Arundel Elementary Safe Routes to School

Project Number: C9421
Bid Opening: 6/13/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 FBD Vanguard Construction, Inc.


 J.J.R. Construction



Library Courtyard Concrete Repair Project at 610 Elm Street
Project Number: C9798
Bid Opening: 6/5/13
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total



 Anchor Concrete





Industrial Road Undergrounding Rule 20B
Project Number: C9482
Bid Opening: 5/31/2013
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 Northern Undergrounding Construction Co.


 Casey Construction, Inc.


 Smith Denison Construction Co.


 D&D Pipeline, Inc.


 West Valley Construction, Inc.


 Golden State Utility Co.


 Ranger Pipelines, Inc.



San Carlos Library Renovation Project
Project Number: C9787
Bid Opening: 4/23/2013
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 Strawn Construction


 US Matrix Construction, Inc.


 Joseph Cumiskey Construction




 John Plane Construction


 Fine Line Construction


 Gonsalves & Stronck


 Zolman Construction



East Side Connect Project
Project Number: C9469
Bid Opening: 3/25/2013
Status: Closed

 Bidder Name

 Bid Total

 Granite Rock Company


 Interstate Grading & Paving, Inc.


 MacGuire & Hester


 Golden Bay Construction, Inc.


 Redgewick Construction Co.