City of San Carlos - El Camino Real Landscape and Lighting Project
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El Camino Real Landscape and Lighting Project

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The project will consist of planting trees and installing pedestrian lighting on the existing sidewalk on the West side of El Camino Real for approximately 3,200 feet from Oak Street to Arroyo Avenue. Streetlights will be installed at approximately 100 feet on center. Trees will be installed with tree grates, at approximately 50 feet on center in the existing sidewalk. On May 10, 2010, the City Council approved the tree species, Zelkova serrata “Green vase” and the lighting standards to be installed.

The project is funded primarily through Federal High Priority Project (HPP) Earmark Funds in the amount of $297,620 a grant with some additional funding from the City Capital Improvement Project funds.

The City Council will review a bid packet and consider authorization to construct the project in winter 2013. Construction would occur over a 6 month period.