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Urban Greening Plan

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The  results of the grant competition were announced on August 26th. Unfortunately the Urban Greening Plan for San Carlos and Redwood City was not selected for funding.  The City will continue to look for grant opportunities to implement this innovative plan.  Thank you to all of those who supported the project.


On April 29th, 2010, the City-County Association of Government of San Mateo (C/CAG) staff submitted a grant application for  $250,000 to the State of California for the San Carlos/Redwood City Urban Greening Plan.  The plan would cover a  900-acre area of San Carlos and Redwood City.  The  work plan would identify and create hundreds of interconnected green streets that would provide a significant amount of green space used for sustainable stormwater management.

Letters of support were received from Redwood City, Len Materman (Chair of the Flooding and Land Use Committee, or FLUC), Richard Izmirian (FLUC member and creek resident), Friends of Cordilleras Creek,  San Carlos School District,  SamTrans/Grand Boulevard Initiative, Margaret Desmond (Tree City USA advocate), the  County Health Department,  San Carlos Green, and the  Clark Wilson, Senior Urban Designer with the US EPA.  In his letter, Mr. Wilson stated that “C/CAG’s proposal to show how a 900-acre urbanized area could be completely retrofitted with green infrastructure is a bold concept that I believe would be highly beneficial to municipalities throughout the U.S.”


The San Carlos City Council adopted a  resolution of support for the grant application on April 26th, 2010, citing the General Plan, the Climate Action Plan, and the fact that the grant-funded plan would be completed at no cost to the City.

The State of California’s Urban Greening Planning Program is intended to result in projects to help the State meet its environmental goals and the creation of healthy communities.  This program is an initiative of the Strategic Growth Council to assist agencies in meeting AB 32 (Global Warming Solutions Act) goals.  The City of San Carlos is a strong candidate for this program because of the recently completed General Plan and Climate Action Plan and because the low-lying areas of the city would be affected by climate change.