City of San Carlos - Maintenance and Operations Final Report


City of San Carlos - Maintenance and Operations Final Report

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Infrastructure maintenance, particularly for “out of sight, out of mind” systems such as sewer collection systems, tends to be neglected.  This results in significant deferred costs and an inadequate level of service. 

As part of the mid-year budget changes in FY 2008/09, City Council authorized an evaluation of maintenance management in the Department of Public Works.  This was a proactive step by Council to address Sanitary Sewer Overflows, well before the lawsuit from San Francisco Baykeeper.  LA Consulting, Inc. was selected for this assignment after a rigorous, competitive process.  Initially, the evaluation was limited to sewer maintenance.  However, soon after the project started, it became clear that it would not be possible to evaluate sewer maintenance separately from the many other roles of the maintenance division, because the staff shifts from one role to another constantly.  Non-sewer funds were added to the budget to complete a comprehensive evaluation. 

 The first phase of this assignment is now nearly complete, and a final report has been prepared.  The first phase included an evaluation of maintenance practices, assistance with replacing the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), development of standardized operating procedures, and preparation of an Operations and Maintenance Manual.

 Cover page and Table of Contents  (PDF 1.24mb)    
 Section 1 - Executive Summary    (PDF 507.5kb)  
  • Existing Operations
  • Recommendations
  • Summary
 Section 2 - Existing Operations - Part 1 of 6    (PDF 913.4kb)  
  • General City Facts
  • Critical Issues
  • Good Practices and Innovative Ideas
  • Prior Sewer Studies
  • Other Studies
 Section 2 - Existing Operations - Part 2 of 6   (PDF 1.87mb)  
  • City IT Overview
  • Existing Systems
  • Wastewater Division Overview
  • Traffic Overview
 Section 2 - Existing Operations - Part 3 of 6    (PDF 753.8kb)  
  • Street Section Characteristics
  • Fleet Overview
 Section 2 - Existing Operations - Part 4 of 6    (PDF 1mb)  
  • Work Activities
  • Budgets
  • City Resources
  • Organization
  • Contracts
 Section 2 - Existing Operations - Part 5 of 6  (PDF 1.71mb) 
  • Scheduling Work Assignment
  • Work Order Process
  • Work Tracking
 Section 2 - Existing Operations - Part 6 of 6   (PDF 1.62mb) 
  • System Outputs
  • Work Flow and Management Processes
 Section 3 - Findings    (PDF 1.65mb) 
  • Overall Maintenance and Operations Findings
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Directing
 Section 4 - Recommendations   (PDF 475.5kb) 
  • General
  • Planning
  • Organizaing
  • Directing
  • Controlling/Improving
  • Summary
 Appendix A  (PDF 517.7kb)