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Sewer Rate Reduction Program

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Residential Single-Family Customers that satisfy the requirements for the PG&E CARE Program may qualify for the San Carlos Sewer Rate Reduction Program discount.  In 2016-2017, the discount includes 10% off your annual sewer charges received on your property tax bill.  Please refer to the chart below: 

Number of Persons in Single-Family Residential Household

Total Gross Annual Household Income**


$32,040or less


$40,320 or less


$48,600 or less


$56,880 or less


$65,160 or less


$73,460 or less


$81,780 or less

Each additional person, add


*Before taxes based on current income sources
*The numbers above are based on PG&E's CARE Program and change once per year.  The chart above is valid through May 31, 2017.

If you meet the requirements above, please bring in or mail a copy of your property tax bill and proof of payment, and a current PG&E bill to the Public Works Department (600 Elm Street). If you have questions, please call (650) 802-4194 or email