City of San Carlos - Gas Main Safety Questions Answered by PG&E
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Gas Main Safety Questions Answered by PG&E

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On November 23, 2010, the City of San Carlos invited San Carlos residents and businesses to attend a Community Meeting on Gas Main Safety.  At that meeting, PG&E representatives provided information on PG&E's gas transmission system in San Carlos.  PG&E also provided Gas Main Safety Tips and answered questions from attendees.

Detailed Response to Questions
On December 15, 2010, PG&E prepared an extensive, detailed 9 page letter addressed to Mayor Omar Ahmad that addressed questions from this meeting. 

It includes information on when these lines were installed, how deep the lines are buried, the age, diameter, wall thickness and pressure in the lines, cathodic protection used for the lines, maintenance and inspection frequency and evaluation of gas line valves.  A copy of the full letter is linked below for residents, businesses and interested parties to review.