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Watershed Maps Now Available at Multiple Sites

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Geographically, a watershed is the area of land that drains rainwater into a common body of water such as a creek or bay.

The Bay Area Watershed is made up of many small watersheds, each collecting rainfall and waste water and ultimately flowing to the Bay.

All water used by humans in the Bay Area flows directly to the Bay or the Pacific Ocean.

Ecologically, a watershed is the interdependent web of living organisms that inhabit a geographic area and depend on it for clean soil, air and water.

Watersheds are the containers for our homes, schools, and places of work. Everything we do, from mountaintop to marsh, affects the health of local water, soil, air, wildlife, our families and communities.

To study the watershed for your home or business, the City of San Carlos has made available watershed maps in a number of ways:

  • Watershed boundaries have been added to the City's Geographic Information System (GIS). Printouts from the GIS are available for a fee from the Department of Public Works at the public counter in City Hall.
  • The Oakland Museum has prepared creek and watershed maps that cover all of San Carlos. These maps are available for viewing from the Department of Public Works at the public counter. They have also been provided to the San Carlos Library and the San Carlos History Museum.
  • The Watershed Project allows you to take a watershed quiz to learn more about the San Francisco Bay watershed, to use interactive maps, and to become involved in watershed protection.