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Upgrading Old County Road & East San Carlos Avenue
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The City of San Carlos has received several grants for streetscape, pedestrian and bicycle access improvements for Old County Road and East San Carlos Avenue.  The East Side Connect Project combines these grants and other funding sources, including underground utility funds.  The City Council chose Callander Associates to design and manage the project. A Steering Committee consisting of representatives from the Greater East San Carlos Association, the Chamber of Commerce (East Side business owner), the Transportation and Circulation Commission, the Planning Division and the Public Works Department work with the consulting team and community throughout the process.
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Project Goals
  • Complete a continuous sidewalk on both streets
  • Add pedestrian bulbouts to shorten crossing distances and slow traffic
  • Complete wheelchair ramps at all corners
  • Widen the sidewalks to 7 feet where possible
  • Install decorative pavement at crosswalks
  • Plant new street trees
  • Install decorative, high-efficiency street lights
  • Install planting areas to treat stormwater
  • Place utilities underground on a portion of Old County Road
  • Complete bicycle improvements on East San Carlos Ave, and for the entire length of Old County Road

Project Details
A Public Input process began on July 7, 2011 at the Farmer’s Market.  Below is information available on the some of input meetings:

Next steps in the project will be City Council acceptance of bid documents and advertisement for contractors to conduct the work. The City Council will award a contract. This process will be before the City Council in January and February 2013. Construction will occur thereafter for a period of approximately 9-12 months.