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San Carlos General Plan Update

In October 2007, the City Council initiated a General Plan Update concluding in October 2009 with the adoption of the 2030 General Plan and Climate Action Plan. The City appointed a 14 member General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) representing a cross section of the community and interest groups. The GPAC held 46 public meetings including: 26 regular meetings and 20 subcommittee meetings where indepth deliberation and formulation of a draft General Plan was conducted. Community input was sought at a "visioning" youth workshop attended by 60 youth and a visioning workshop attended by 67 citizens. In addition, one building community forum, two community forum speaker events, two housing public forums, one community land use workshop, and one Climate Action Plan public forum were also held. A regular newsletter was created with automatic distribution to 6000 email subscribers and for viewing on the City website.

During the GPAC deliberations, four study sessions and two public hearings at the Planning Commission level and four City Council study sessions and one public hearing were held at significant milestones in the process.

GPAC recommendations were the basis of a draft General Plan. Between July and October 2009, the General Plan, Climate Action Plan and the Environmental Impact Report for these documents were received at two study sessions and three public hearings of the Planning Commission and one study session and two public hearings of the City Council.

San Carlos General Plan: Envision 2030 - Adopted (October 12, 2009)

The General Plan establishes a framework for how the City will grow and change over the next two decades. It establishes goals, policies and actions that will guide growth, conservation, and enhancement in San Carlos over the next 20 years. In California, General Plans serve as the “Constitution” for all future development in cities. The General Plan update was a two year process adopted by the City Council in October 2009 resulting in the San Carlos General Plan: Envision 2030.

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San Carlos Climate Action Plan

On October 12, 2009, the City Council adopted the City's first Climate Action Plan (CAP). The City of San Carlos took a proactive approach by developing a Climate Action Plan in parallel with the 2030 General Plan. The CAP is linked to the 2030 General Plan by a set of principles and this unique approach was recently recognized by the local chapter of the American Planning Association through an Innovation in Green Community Planning Award.

Adopted Climate Action Plan - October 2009

General Plan Implementation Plan - February 22, 2010

The General Plan includes numerous Actions in each of the document Elements. The Actions are intended to be implementation tools of the General Plan. The Climate Action Plan (CAP), adopted with the General Plan, includes reduction measures and adaptation strategies and are represented as Actions in the General Plan Implementation Plan. Together these Actions constitute a work program over the life of the General Plan and Climate Action Plan.

Each Action in the Implementation Plan is included in a Phasing plan. Actions in the Implementation Plan also include a description of: 1) the language of the Action from the General Plan and Climate Action Plan, 2) the method of implementation, 3) who is responsible for implementation and 4) cost. A method of implementation for each Action is also included and divided into existing well-established implementation mechanisms. A significant proportion of the General Plan Actions are implemented through the comprehensive update of the Zoning Ordinance and maintenance updates to the Municipal Code. This will occur in Phase I implementation.

View the 2030 San Carlos General Plan Implementation Plan (1.69MB - PDF )

General Plan and Climate Action Plan Implementation Matrix

A total of 186 General Plan Policies and Actions and 13 Climate Action Plan Reduction measures were implemented effective December 28, 2011 with the adoption of the Zoning Ordinance and amendments to Title 8, 9, 12, 13, 15 and 17 of the San Carlos Municipal Code.

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2030 San Carlos General Plan and Climate Action Plan Implementation Matrix (602.9kb PDF )

San Carlos General Plan: Envision 2030 - Environmental Impact Report
- Final EIR

This Environmental Impact Report (EIR) provides an assessment of the potential environmental consequences of adoption and implementation of the 2030 General Plan. This assessment is intended to inform the City of San Carlos decision-makers, other responsible agencies and the public-at-large of the nature of the 2030 General Plan and its potential effects on the environment. This EIR was prepared in accordance with and in fulfillment of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements.

Land Use Alternatives Community Workshop took place July 30, 2008 at the Hiller Aviation Museum

The purpose of this meeting was to receive input on a preferred Land Use Alternative for the General Plan. Background information to help community members to prepare for the workshop was provided in an Alternatives Workbook.

The input received at this meeting was used to help the GPAC make a recommendation to the Planning Commission and City Council.

GPAC Speaker Sessions

At the June 18, 2008 meeting, GPAC members voted on having 6 speakers (or groups) to give presentations and Q&A sessions to help the GPAC become better informed of local and regional issues, to aid the General Plan Update process. The GPAC voted to have the speaker sessions on: Wednesday 7/16/08 (6:45pm to 9:45pm) and Saturday 8/2/08 (10am to 1pm). Both of these sessions were held in Community Rooms A & B on the 2nd floor of the San Carlos City Library. There were three different speakers for each session.

Existing Conditions Briefing Book

The Existing Conditions Briefing Book for the General Plan Update identifies existing conditions information relevant to the General Plan Update. Topics covered include land use, transportation, parks and recreation and natural resources among others. This document will be used as a reference throughout the General Plan Update process. Highlights from the Briefing Book were presented at the Visioning Workshop on January 8, 2008.

Visioning and Youth Workshops

On January 8, 2008 the City of San Carlos held its first public workshops for the General Plan Update. Approximately 60 youth attended the youth workshop and 67 citizens attended the visioning workshop. Individuals attending each workshop were asked to describe San Carlos as they would like it to be in the year 2030. The workshops helped begin to establish a vision for the future of San Carlos to guide the preparation of the General Plan Update and were used to formulate a Preliminary Vision Statement which was presented for public review and comment at Planning Commission and City Council public meetings in February 2008.

Housing Stakeholder Meeting

The purpose of this meeting was to receive input on housing issues in San Carlos from City residents and businesses, elected and appointed City officials, other stakeholders and individuals with interests in housing issues. Information was presented on the State Housing Element requirements and how the Housing Element Update will fit into the larger General Plan Update process. We received input regarding a wide range of housing issues, such as housing needs for different population groups, constraints on the development of affordable housing, preferred locations for new housing, the new housing, the effectiveness of existing City and County housing programs and other housing related issues.