City of San Carlos - Memo to Council - Update on RFP and Responses - Jan 14, 2011
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Memo to City Council - Update on Fire & Emergency Services RFP - Jan 14, 2011

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 To:            Mayor Ahmad and Members of the City Council
From:        Brian Moura, Assistant City Manager

Date:        January 14, 2011

Subject:    Update on Request for Proposals (RFP) – Fire & Emergency Services in San Carlos

Last week I provided Council with a memo updating you on the RFP process for Fire & Emergency Services in San Carlos.  There have been additional developments in the past week that I would like to bring to your attention in advance of the Council Staff Report on this item for your January 24th meeting.  Here are some highlights:

1.    Review of the Redwood City/San Mateo/Local 2400 Proposal
Staff has begun work on an analysis and review of the proposal that was submitted to San Carlos by the City of Redwood City.  This proposal has been endorsed by the City of San Mateo and the Firefighters Union (IAFF Local 2400).  It envisions forming a third regional fire option (in addition to the County Fire Department and North County Fire) which would in operation later this year in time to address San Carlos’ need for Fire Services starting in October.

At this point, Staff has a more complete list of what is – and is not included – in the proposal for services and the baseline $5.9 Million year 1 cost estimate.  There is also some difference between Redwood City’s estimate of existing positions to be reduced (9) and Staff’s estimate (12).  Staff believes that this item can be resolved as the review process moves ahead.

Staff has scheduled an initial meeting with Redwood City where the proposal can be formally presented and discussed.  Staff envisions that this will be the start of a series of meetings to explore the proposal in full detail. 

2.    RFP Response from the County Fire Department
This morning we received a one page memo (copy attached) from the County Manager and Deputy County Manager regarding the County Fire Department’s response to the San Carlos Fire & Emergency Services RFP.  The memo will be discussed at next week’s meeting of the Board of Supervisor’s Finance and Operations Committee (Supervisors Carole Groom & Adrienne Tissier).  Some highlights:
  • The County Fire Department Staff (contract Fire staff from Cal Fire) has developed and completed a response to the San Carlos RFP.  It can be submitted to the County & San Carlos if the County Board of Supervisors votes to authorize such a response at their Board meeting on January 25th
  • The RFP response would save the County $650,000 per year through sharing Command, Fire Marshall, Training, ALS and Administrative staff and sharing Fire Station 18 (Cordilleras) with San Carlos
  • Like San Carlos, the County also has a savings target of $1 Million per year in the Fire Department.  The proposal would cover most (65%) of the County’s budget deficit goal in this area
  • County Fire proposes to adopt the “quick attack” rescue and “cross staffing” concepts from the San Carlos Fire Report authored by the City’s Fire Consultant (TriData) to both expand the level of Fire & Emergency Services and save money in San Carlos and the unincorporated hillside area of the County
  • A 72 hour work week would be used which could reduce Fire staffing needs to 17 personnel (compares to the 18 to 21 personnel listed in the Redwood City proposal to San Carlos)
  • County Fire shows several contract options for San Carlos that range from $3.8 million per year to $5.7 million per year
  • County Fire would also propose funding that would allow San Carlos to team with the County Fire Department so that San Carlos would continue to be the provider of the Countywide Haz Mat Team service
  • A full proposal from County Fire would be available by the revised February 7, 2011 RFP date suggested in last week’s Fire RFP memo
Staff is pleased to update the Council on our progress on reviewing the response from Redwood City, our initial meeting plans with Redwood City and the new proposal developments from the County Fire Department.  Further work lies ahead as we explore each of these proposals in more detail. 

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these proposals and our work in this area as we continue to explore Fire and Emergency Service delivery options for the City of San Carlos.

Cc:    Jeff Maltbie, Interim City Manager
         Doug Fry, Fire Chief, BSCFD
         Joan Cassman, Special Counsel