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Update - PG&E Natural Gas Venting - Edgewood Road


Natural Gas Venting & Smells in San Carlos on Sept 26th
PG&E has apologized for the impacts that the San Carlos community and PG&E customers experienced from their planned venting of natural gas on Wednesday, September 26th. 

Delays pushed the venting to the evening commute time.  The timing and a combination of weather patterns resulted in a much larger number of PG&E customers being impacted than they had anticipated. 

PG&E is increasing their notification program to customers and will be avoiding the commute time for future venting work.

Next Venting - Monday, October 1st
PG&E has informed the City of San Carlos that they are planning another venting of their Natural Gas Pipelines the afternoon of October 1st at the Edgewood Valve Lot west of Interstate 280 and North of Edgewood Road, near San Carlos.  

Testing & Natural Gas Line Replacement
PG&E states that the work must be completed as soon as possible in order to maintain their "aggressive schedule of pipeline safety enhancement projects".

PG&E notes that while this work may cause some disruption it will make it possible for PG&E to replace two sections of Gas Transmission Line # 109, conduct a hydrostatic test and install new automatic shut off valves.
Venting Location
Depending on the location of the gas venting and weather patterns, there may be a smell of natural gas. PG&E wants to assure everyone that this situation is safe. 

As part of their normal protocol, PG&E has and will continue to notify the appropriate public safety agencies, businesses and residents of this work.  They are working to avoid the impacts that were experienced on the September 26th. 

If There Are Delays
Should there be delays in the venting process, PG&E will conduct additional proactive outreach.  This will include the use of SMC Alert to inform customers as well as sending out robo-calls to over 24,000 customers.  PG&E does not expect that many customers to be impacted by noise and odor, but they are acting out of an abundance of caution.
Contact PG&E with Questions
Safety is our top priority and while this is planned work, PG&E encourages any resident who has questions or concerns about the smell of gas to call PG&E 24 hours a day at 1-800-743-5000 or call 9-1-1 immediately. 

Work Schedule
Below is a summary of the work that will be performed by PG&E:
Tentative Date: Monday, 10/01/12
Approximate Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Approximate Duration: 1 hour
Work Location:  Edgewood Valve Lot (west of I-280 and north of Edgewood Road), near San Carlos
Work to be completed:  Venting of Natural Gas to Atmosphere