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Eucalyptus Trees

To ensure that the City of San Carlos remains the City of Good Living, we must regularly address potentially hazardous issues to ensure our community remains safe. One such issue is the potential threat from larger trees, which came to our attention when a large, over 100-year-old eucalyptus fell over onto San Carlos Avenue earlier this year. These non-native tress adversely impact our community in a number of ways, including: accessibility; public improvements; pedestrian, vehicular and cyclist safety; and the environmental impact on riparian corridors. In response to this situation, the San Carlos City Council authorized staff to proceed with a process to evaluate the eucalyptus trees along San Carlos Avenue and remove those that may be a hazard. City staff plans to proceed with the following steps:

• Arborist Report. Kevin Kielty Arborist Services prepared a Tree Assessment Report evaluating each eucalyptus tree along San Carlos Avenue. This report identified four trees that should be removed before the next rainy season. The report recommends the removal of the remaining trees due to the trees unpredictable nature and for the advancement of the riparian wood land.

• Founder Trees Designation. Some of the trees are considered “founder trees”. The eucalyptus trees along San Carlos Avenue are believed to have been planted at the same time as the railroad depot was built (around 1888) and were designated as founder trees in the San Carlos Municipal Code. Founder trees are protected as a historic resource. However, over the years, many of these original trees have died or have been removed. Based on a historical evaluation, this tree-lined avenue no longer qualifies as a historic resource. Therefore, the City will consider elimination of the “founder tree” designation for the remaining eucalyptus trees on San Carlos Avenue to allow for the removal of these, which are or will eventually become hazardous trees. This process will include an environmental analysis as required by the California Environmental Quality Act and consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council.

• Hazardous Tree Removal. Any tree deemed dead, diseased or in danger of failure in the Arborist Report will be removed as soon as possible. The City will arrange for a tree removal company to perform this work at the City’s cost.

• Removal of All Remaining Eucalyptus Trees. If the founder tree designation is eliminated, the City will arrange for the removal of the trees. Impacted property owners will be notified if any trees adjacent to their properties will be removed prior to the start of work.

Tree Map, Arborist Report and Tree Inventory. (607kb .pdf  )

Historical Resource Evaluation (109.2kb .pdf  )

Mitigated Negative Declaration Notice (90.2kb .pdf  )

San Carlos Tree Removal Public Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (2.09MB .pdf  )