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Tree Removal Information

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Tree Removal Information

If the tree is a Heritage, Public, or Significant tree (Protected Tree) you will need a permit to remove it. Contact the Planning Department for detailed information at (650) 802-4263 or visit the City website's municipal code. The appropriate sections are:
  • Chapter 12.20 Maintenance and Removal of Trees on Public and Private Property, and
  • Chapter 18.18070 Trees.
If the tree is not a Protected Tree, you do not need a permit to remove it from a developed residential property. The following is a list of trees that do not need a permit for removal regardless of size:

  • Bailey, Green, or Black Acacia: a. baileyana, a. decurrens or a. melanoxylon 
  • Tree of Heaven: Ailanthus altissima 
  • Fruit trees of any kind 
  • Monterey Pine: Pinus radiate 
  • Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus globulus (unless a founder tree or group of trees)
Frequently Asked Questions about removing a tree in San Carlos.

To download a Tree Removal Permit Application, click here to visit our Forms page and click on the Tree Removal Application link.