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Highlands Park - Lower Athletic Field Project - Conversion to a Synthetic Surface (proposed project)

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Project Components

The proposed project would involve conversion of the surface of the 3.44 acre Lower Athletic Field in Highlands Park from the existing natural turf to synthetic turf. This conversion is designed to accommodate a portion of the demand for more athletic field play and practice time in the City of San Carlos.

The conversion includes removal of the existing irrigation and installation of quick coupler valves around the perimeter of the field, and on-site drainage modifications to accommodate the new synthetic turf. The proposed project would also involve completion of the fencing around the lower athletic field and adjustments to the locations of access to the field to prevent unauthorized vehicular access. Pedestrian access to the field would always be available unless the field was closed for maintenance.

The proposed project would not involve any physical changes to the existing lighting at the lower athletic field, which is fully illuminated. No changes are proposed for the hours of operation for Highlands Park, nor would the project change any regulations regarding field illumination.

Hours of operation currently are, and would remain, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM for Highlands Park. Activity typically ends at the upper athletic field and other portions of the park around dark, because there is no illumination at these locations. Illumination would still cease by 10:00 PM, and many times earlier, depending on the recreational use.

Installation of the synthetic turf would not include any physical changes to any other portions of Highlands Park. The walking path around the lower athletic field would remain, as well as the natural turf outside the walking path, at the picnic area, at the upper athletic field (Stadium Field). The open space areas on the west side of the park and the eastern hillside would remain in their natural state. No existing trees would be disturbed or removed as part of the proposed project.

The synthetic turf for the soccer/outfield areas would be green and the infields would be a brick red similar to the existing color. The proposed fencing would match the existing fencing material. The synthetic turf would be designed for soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and flag football recreational uses, but would not be cushioned at the level required for tackle football.

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Public Notice

Comments and questions may be referred to Deborah Nelson, Planning Manager, San Carlos Planning Department, via email at or fax at (650) 595-6764, or by regular mail to 600 Elm Street, San Carlos, CA 94070. Ms. Nelson can be reached by telephone at (650) 802-4264.