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Description of Project:
The proposed project includes the demolition of the existing commercial building and construction of a new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel on the 1.6 acre site located at 1091 Industrial Road. The proposed project would consist of a seven-story hotel with 162 guest rooms and a four-level parking structure for both vehicular and bicycle parking. The proposed project would include on-site guest amenities and landscaping.

Status of Project:
An Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration has been prepared to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the proposed hotel project in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Initial Study concludes that the proposed project would not have a significant adverse effect on the environment with implementation of mitigation measures.

The Planning Commission, at its May 15, 2017 meeting, approved Design Review and TDM plan. The City Council, at its June 12, 2017 meeting approved the Mitigated Negative Declaration and the zoning map amendment to Planned Development, including approval of the Planned Development Plan.

Click the links below to view project documents:
Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (10.26MB PDF  )
Ordinance 1521 with Planned Development Plan (10.79MB PDF  )
Conditions of Approval (63.1kb PDF  )

Project Planner
Lisa Costa Sanders, Principal Planner     
Cole Strombom
Barry Swenson Builder