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Description of Project:
The existing sanctuary building located at the corner of Arroyo Avenue and Elm Street has been demolished. The existing community assembly building located in the approximate center of the existing parcel will remain. It includes offices, meeting space, and a childcare center and is referred to as Mahany Hall.

The property has been subdivided to create four lots: one lot for the community assembly use (church) and three residential lots near the corner of Arroyo Avenue and Elm Street for development of single family homes. Construction of two new buildings on the community assembly lot is underway. The first is a new sanctuary. The second is community space, offices, and a parsonage housing unit on the second floor.

Construction Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. Weekend work is allowed only with advance permission from the Community Development Director.

Documents: (under construction)
Conditional Use Permit/ Code Compliance Certificate, and Heritage/Protect Tree Removal Permit (977.9kb pdf  )
Grading and Dirt Haul Certificate (143.6kb pdf  )
Parcel Map Certificate (97.2kb pdf  )
Color Rendering (151.2kb pdf  )
Plans Approved by Planning Commission (2.28mb pdf  )

Laura Russell 
(650) 802-4256
      Developer Contact: 
Robert Stafford
1336 Arroyo Way LLC
C:(650) 346-9385
O:(650) 593-5888