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The Community Development Department has contracted with a consulting firm, Stantec, to conduct parking occupancy counts, analyze existing conditions, assess future growth, and develop a comprehensive report. This 2017 Parking Study will include an analysis of parking occupancy data, identify issues to address, and establish goals for improving parking conditions. Primarily, the Study will propose a multitude of strategies to address parking shortages, anticipated growth and parking need, and accommodating and encouraging alternate modes of transportation. The 2017 Study builds on the 2013 Parking Study, which inventoried parking spaces, both public and private, in the Downtown and South Laurel areas. The 2013 Study also included extensive parking occupancy data and is available at the link below.

Over the past several months, a number of public meetings were held during which the parking management strategies for the Downtown and South Laurel commercial areas were discussed and feedback gathered. The strategies and analysis of the data have been compiled in the 2017 Parking Study, which will be presented to Council at a future date.

If you have any questions regarding the 2016 Parking Study, please contact Nell Selander, Economic Development Coordinator, or Laura Russell, Senior Planner. Contact information below.


2013 Downtown Parking Study (2.46MB PDF  )

Next Steps

- Develop strategies to address parking conditions.
- Present parking data and strategies to the public and gather feedback.
- Present Public Review Draft to the City Council for consideration.

Upcoming Meetings

• City Council, August 28, 2017, 7 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall

Past Meetings:

Agenda packet materials for the following meetings can be found by visiting:

• Economic Development Advisory Commission (EDAC), October 25, 2016, 4 pm, Collaboration Room, City Hall 
• Planning Commission, November 21, 2016, 7 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall
• Transportation and Circulation Commission, November 15, 2016, 7 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall

Staff Contacts

Nell Selander
Economic Development Coordinator
(650) 802-4257

Laura Russell
Senior Planner
(650) 802-4256