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San Carlos Transit Village - Project Overview

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San Carlos Transit Village Project Overview

San Carlos Transit Village - Perspective

Perspective of project showing the Historic Train Depot, from the 2007 submittal by applicant

Project Location

The project site comprises a collection of parcels that run north and south of the San Carlos CalTrain station at the intersection of El Camino Real and San Carlos Avenue, located east of El Camino Real, and west of the railroad tracks, generally between Arroyo Avenue & Oak St in San Carlos, California. The site consists of approximately 8.7 acres (gross), and is owned by SamTrans and the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board. It is located in the City of San Carlos West Side Specific Plan area. In the City of San Carlos General Plan, this area is located in the "North El Camino Real" geographic sub-area. Section 4.920 (Implementation Goal) of Resolution 2003-79 to the West Side Specific Plan states that the entire study Railroad Corridor will be rezoned from CS (Highway Commercial Service) to the Planned Community Zoning District. The project will implement this goal.   

Project Description  
updated for 2009 submittal

 Project Management 

Retail Analysis

 Fiscal Analysis

Project Updates


Transit Village Application - April 17, 2009

A0.0 Cover Sheet A2.5a-2.7b Buildings A5.2 Residential Details   L2.2 Landscape Plans
A1.1-A1.3 Site Plan  A3.1-3.6 Building Elevations A5.3 Retail Details   L4.1 Landscape Plans 
A1.4 Site Sections  A3.6 Retail Elevations  C0-C3.6 Civil Engineer Plans   L4.2-L6.3-6.5 Landscape Plans
A2.1a-2.2b Buildings A4.1 Unit Plans L1 Landscape Plans  L6.4 Landscape Plans
A2.3a-2.4b Buildings A4.2 Unit Plans L2.1 Landscape Plans L7-L8.1 Landscape Plans