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  • Determine that the parcel(s) is located in the City of San Carlos and what the General Plan land use designation is. Click on the link to view the General Plan Land Use Map (473.4 kb PDF ). The General Plan land use designation will determine what the allowable density is for the site (for residential parcels).
  • Determine the zoning of the parcel(s). Click on the link to view the City of San Carlos Zoning Map (2.26MB PDF ). Refer to the zoning standards of the parcel(s) to get an idea of minimum lot area, allowable uses, densities and development standards (i.e. floor area ratio, setbacks, height, etc.). Click on the link to view the City of San Carlos Zoning Update.
  • All subdivision inquiries should review Table 17.16.030 “Lot Size Standards” of the Subdivision Ordinance to understand the minimum lot area, width, depth and % of area to remain ungraded. The steeper the parcel(s), the greater the minimum lot area and other standards need to be for each new lot created. This information should be reviewed in conjunction with the Development Standards of the parcel(s) zoning district.
  • In addition to Table 17.16.030, subdivisions within the Hillside Overlay District also need to comply with Section 18.12.030 Hillside Subdivision Standards (i.e. further reduction in lots, building site requirements & roads). All lots and sites that have an average slope of 10% or more are within the Hillside Overlay District.
  • Average slope for the development site and for each new proposed lot to be created shall use the following formula: S = 100IL / A
    S = Average cross slope of parcel in percent
    I = Interval of Measured Contours
    L = Combined length of contours in feet (i.e., map measurement of contours in inches x scale)
    A = Area of parcel in square feet
  • New lots should be created with lot depths and lot widths drawn as shown in Figure 18.03.060 of the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Any proposed new subdivision that does not meet the design standards (area, lot, width, % ungraded) would need to submit for a Conditional Exception per Chapter 17.40 “Conditional Exceptions” of the Subdivision Ordinance.
  • Any proposed subdivision request creating a for-sale housing development of 7 or more units is subject to Chapter 18.16 Affordable Housing Programs and needs to provide 15% of the units as affordable.
  • Any proposed subdivision request will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
  • It should be noted that depending on specific conditions of the site and/or neighborhood, fewer lots then may otherwise be considered may be warranted.
  • Any proposed subdivision not currently located within the City of San Carlos should also review the Prezoning/Annexation regulations.

If it is found that the parcel(s) potentially meet or could meet all of the applicable requirements for subdivision, please contact the Planning Department at (650) 802-4263 or email to discuss further and prior to a formal submittal.