City of San Carlos - Final Focused Environmental Impact Report


Winding Way Annexation - Final Focused Environmental Impact Report (April 2009)

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How to use this document
The FFEIR document consists of four parts.  Part I is an Introduction, Part II is an updated version of the environmental analysis.  Part III contains Responses to Public Comments submitted during the public comment period on the January 2009 Revised and Recirculated analysis of impact BR-3 (dusky -footed woodrat) of the Draft Focused Environmental Impact Report for the project.  Part IV contains copies of various comment letters received by the city outside of the two public comment periods for the project, with the city's written responses to these comments.

Appendix A and an addendum (Mitigation Plan) contains the study and mitigation plan for the Dusky Footed Woodrat prepared by H.T. Harvey & Associates.  Appendix B is the Notice of Preparation for the DFEIR.