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2024 Strategic Agenda

The San Carlos Strategic Plan

The San Carlos Strategic Plan identifies current issues, needs, and interests that are of strategic importance to the quality of life of the community. Addressing these issues requires the leadership focus of the City’s elected officials and professional staff for an extended period of time, typically several years. The Strategic Plan is not a summary of all City services. The issues identified in the plan are unique because they have an urgent impact on the community and because they are complex.

How the Strategic Plan is Developed

The Strategic Plan is developed through an annual process that involves the City Council and City professional staff in facilitated, collaborative working sessions. The process is completed early each year so that the Strategic Plan can be incorporated into the City’s budget.

The plan is a document comprised of the City’s mission, vision, and core values statements and strategic goals and objectives for the next planning period.

The Strategic Plan Process

The Strategic Plan is updated annually. It is an ongoing, dynamic, and continuous process. The key steps to the process are listed below. 

City Council Mini-Retreat. The City Council, the City Manager, the City Attorney, and the public brainstorm current community issues of strategic importance. This meeting typically occurs in August.
Strategic Planning Retreat. This is a facilitated, collaborative, and public working session attended by the Council and City staff. The participants review accomplishments from last year; review the City’s mission, vision, and values to ensure relevance; check the status of current strategic plan objectives; and identify new strategic issues to work on for the next year and possibly beyond. Council strategic goals and objectives are established at a high level through this process. This meeting typically occurs in January.
Management Team Strategic Planning Retreat. This is a facilitated, collaborative staff working session to develop the goals, objectives, and tasks according to the Council’s direction from the Strategic Planning Retreat. The final document created by staff with specific tasks for each objective in the Strategic Plan is called a Work Plan. This meeting typically occurs in February.
Work Plan Updates. Staff updates the City Council on progress made with respect to the tasks in the Work Plan.  These updates are typically provided to the Council in June and November.


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