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Fire Fees

Fire Cost of Services 

For a complete list of fire related fees, please refer to the FY 2024-25 Fire Cost of Services Fee Schedule.

Fire Department Inspection Fees

Fire Inspection Fees are generated by the Redwood City/San Carlos Fire Department on an annual basis and are $292 for Fiscal Year 2024-25.

The primary goal for the Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program is to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and property losses from fire. The Redwood City and San Carlos Fire Departments are committed to providing the highest level of fire prevention services to all our residents and commerce community. We accomplish this through: public education; fire inspections; code enforcement; and detailed fire permit plan reviews. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding fire inspection services and the associated cost recovery fees.

Fire Fees
Why do I have to pay for fire inspections?
The Redwood City and San Carlos Fire Departments are mandated by State law and local ordinances to perform annual fire and life safety inspections and issue permits for certain businesses. These fees capture a portion of the cost for services performed by the fire engine company inspection personnel and the Fire Prevention Bureau staff. All fire and life safety inspections play a major role in our continuous effort to make the Cities of Redwood City and San Carlos safe places to live and work.
Why wasn't I notified about these new fees and who approved them?
  • State Law requires public noticing. This was completed by postings in local newspapers and public posting by each City Clerk.
  • The fee ordinances were publicly noticed and presented to each City Council as follows:
  • San Carlos City Council - September 2011, approved/effective December 2011
  • Redwood City Council - December 2011, approved/effective February 2012
Will I always receive an invoice each year for fire inspections?
In most cases yes, you will receive an invoice for services already rendered. The Fire Department will not charge for inspections that either have not been conducted or are exempt from State law.
Will there be additional charges sent to me after I pay?
No, unless the Fire Department must continue follow-up inspections (more than two) for corrective action verification on deficiencies noted in the original inspection report.
What happens if I don't pay?
The both our cities can seek collection of unpaid fees owed for permits and fire code inspections.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the Fire Marshal at (650) 780-7400 to discuss our Inspection Program and the associated fees.

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