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Why Electric?

Energy consumed in buildings accounts for nearly 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in San Carlos including natural gas burned for space heating, water heating, clothes drying, and cooking. Reducing these emissions requires making buildings more energy efficient and converting gas appliances to electric. The modern, all-electric home is comfortable, energy efficient and healthy for your family and the planet. By using highly efficient electric appliances you won’t be combusting gas in the home. Instead, as a Peninsula Clean Energy customer, you’ll be using 100% carbon-free electricity. 

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Bay Area Air District Appliance Rules

Regulations adopted by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District prohibit the sale and installation of NOx emitting gas appliances at future dates. Gas appliances that reach their end of life after the dates listed below will need to be replaced with electric heat pump alternatives. 

  • 2027 - Most residential gas water heaters
  • 2029 - Residential and commercial gas furnaces
  • 2031 - Large multifamily and commercial gas water heaters

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Home Energy Programs

There are many energy programs open to San Carlos residents that provide information and financial rebates to support electrifying your home. 


The Bay Area Regional Energy Network offers free consultations and rebates for home energy upgrades for single family and multifamily buildings. Get connected with a BayREN Home Energy Advisor for unbiased advice, information on rebates, and help finding a participating contractor.

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638013466787130000Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy is the Community Choice Aggregation program for San Mateo County and provides greenhouse gas free electricity at lower prices than PG&E.  San Carlos residents are eligible for a variety of PCE’s energy upgrade and incentive programs including zero percent interest home loans.

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