San Carlos, CA

Building Permit Requirements Under Assembly Bill (AB) 2234

Assembly Bill (AB) 2234 requires local jurisdictions to make available on their websites the requirements for any post-entitlement phase permit (including building permits or demolition permits) for projects that are majority or entirely residential. Information required to be posted includes required submission materials and examples of complete plan sets for at least five types of housing projects. AB 2234 also requires jurisdictions to determine whether a post-entitlement phase permit application is completed within 15 days of receiving the application, requires project review to be complete within 30 days for projects 25 units or fewer, and 60 days for projects 26 units or more. Finally, the law requires that jurisdictions have an online permit system where applicants can apply for such permits.

Approved Building Plan Examples

Permit plans are available for viewing in person by appointment at our City Hall Development Services Counter - Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Please email to schedule an appointment to view the plans.

  • New Multi-Residential: BLD2015-00432
  • New Mixed-Use: BLD2020-00082
  • New Townhome: BLD2020-00127
  • New ADU:  BLD2022-00129
  • New Single-Family Residence (SFR): BLD2022-00487

NOTECal. Health & Safety Code section 19851(a) prohibits the City from duplicating the official copy of any building plans. The official copy is therefore available for inspection on the premises of the building department.

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