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Support our small businesses by shopping locally!

Why shopping local is important:
Shopping locally can make a big difference to your local economy, your community, and the quality of life in your City. This Holiday season, and everyday hereafter, let’s support our small businesses by shopping locally and investing in our community. There are economic, environmental, and community benefits associated with spending money within your own community. It encourages local prosperity, puts your taxes to good use, creates more good jobs, and helps reduce climate change impacts. Every time someone visits their corner store, grabs a bite at a café or buys a dress from the neighborhood boutique, they are helping support San Carlos' independent business owners. We are counting on your support to keep our City of Good Living thriving.

Sources: Small Business Administration, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Civic Economics, and American Economic Review

637395668850270000Business Operations in San Carlos

Click the link above to see a list of businesses in San Carlos. Due to Covid-19, please remember that service may be limited and this list is subject to change. Consider purchasing a gift card from your favorite retail store or restaurant that can be used later as a way to support small businesses during these unprecedented times. If you would like to add your business to the list or would like a Shop Local San Carlos packet from the City, please contact

Outdoor Dining and Shopping

The 700 block of Laurel Street is closed until further notice to allow for outdoor dining and shopping, and to accommodate physical distancing during COVID-19.

Parking Options

For a smoother shopping experience, check out these parking maps indicating all the options near downtown and plan where to park ahead of time. 

San Mateo County Recovery Initiative

The San Mateo County Recovery Initiative has developed a Stay Safe & Shop Local online campaign to encourage residents to patronize local businesses safely. Check out the one-page PDF with a description about the campaign and instructions. 

Shop Safe Shop Local: Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development

The State of California is offering free or discounted resources and tools to help small businesses adapt to the new marketplace and create in-person and online safe shopping experiences for us all. 

Take the Pledge:

I pledge to whenever possible, shop locally for all goods and services. I further pledge to encourage family, friends and employees to shop locally to help preserve the quality of life we enjoy.

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