San Carlos, CA

Building a New Home/Home Additions

Are you thinking about adding on to your house, building a new house or accessory dwelling unit?  Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit our interactive zoning map and search for the site address. A pop-up window will show the zoning designation with a link to the development standards.
  2. Research the zoning information for the property. Most single-family residences are in the RS-6 or RS-3 zoning districts. If your home is not within one of these districts, please email us for more information and requirements.
  3. Work with a design professional to review development and design standards. If you have any questions, please email our Planning Division at Or you can make an appointment to visit a planner during our counter hours by emailing us at
  4. Work with your design professional to prepare plans. Use the Single Family Residential Compliance Review application to prepare your submittal. Applications will not be accepted unless they include these minimum requirements to begin a review.
  5. Visit the Objective Design Standards website to learn more about how to make your project compliant with current City requirements.
  6. Refer to the Online Application Submittal Handout to submit your application, complete plans, supplemental materials and fees or email with any questions.

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