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Are you considering submitting a planning application for a single-family development? This could be an application for a new home, a change to an existing home, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or a junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU),  make sure to refer to the revised San Carlos Municipal Code for the latest single-family development Objective Design Standards requirements. Additionally, watch the informative video below for a detailed understanding of the new Compliance Review process that became effective on December 13, 2023.

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Planning Applications17 documents

  • How to Submit a Planning Application & Pay Your Fee
    document seq 0.00
    Informational handout on how to submit Planning applications and pay fees.
  • Single-Family Residential Compliance Review Application
    document seq 1.00
    This application is for single-family projects, including new homes, additions, ADUs, JADUs, or urban infill units.
  • A-Frame Sign Application
    document seq 2.00
    This application is to place A-frame signs in specific locations in San Carlos.
  • Appeal Application
    document seq 3.00
    This application is to appeal a City Council or Planning & Transportation Commission decision.
  • General Application
    document seq 4.00
    A general application to be used when instructed to do so by the Planning Division.  Email with questions.
  • Mixed-Use Multi-Family Preliminary Application and Checklist
    document seq 5.00
    This preliminary application is for the development of a Mixed-Use or Multi-Family project.  An appointment with the Planning Division is necessary before submitting.
  • Mixed-Use Multi-Family Application
    document seq 6.00
    This application is for the development of a Mixed-Use or Multi-Family project, once the preliminary application has been reviewed by the Planning Division.
  • Mixed-Use Multi-Family Application Checklist
    document seq 7.00
    An informational handout with submittal guidelines for Mixed-Use or Multi-Family development projects.
  • Outdoor Dining
    document seq 8.00
    This application is for the design review of outdoor dining or outdoor retail sales.
  • Planning Final Inspection Request Form
    document seq 9.00
    This form is to request a Planning final inspection.
  • Pre-Application
    document seq 10.00
    This preliminary application is for the development of a project.  An appointment with the Planning Division is necessary before submitting.
  • SB 9 Application
    document seq 11.00
    This application is for subdividing a single-family residential parcel, per Senate Bill-9 (SB 9).
  • Signs & Awnings & Trash Design Review
    document seq 12.00
    This application is for erecting, reconstructing, altering, relocating, or placing any sign, awning, or trash enclosure within the City.
  • Sign Permit - Temporary Banner Commercial Industrial
    document seq 12.00
    This application is for placing a temporary banner on a commercial or industrial building.
  • Temporary Use Permit
    document seq 13.00
    This application is for a temporary event or use.
  • Temporary Use Permit - Seasonal Sale Lot
    document seq 14.00
    This application is for a temporary seasonal sales lot, like pumpkins or Christmas trees.
  • Tree Removal Application
    document seq 15.00
    This application is to remove or prune a protected tree.

Planning Guides and Informational Handouts7 documents

  • Agendas and Minutes Website Guide
    document seq 1.00
    A guide to help navigate the Public Meeting Agendas and Minutes website.
  • Below Market Rate Housing Program Requirements
    document seq 2.00
    Information on building Below Market Rate (BMR) housing.
  • Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Plan (CMAP) Project checklist
    document seq 3.00
    A consistency checklist for development projects to comply with CMAP.
  • Compliance Review Information Packet
    document seq 4.00
    An informational packet about the Objective Design Standards staff-level compliance review process.
  • Planning Fee Schedule 2023-2024
    document seq 5.00
    Planning fee list for this fiscal year.
  • Protected Trees Administrative Guidelines
    document seq 6.00
    An informational packet to help understand the Protected Tree Ordinance and tree removal or pruning applications.
  • Single-Family Design Review Authorities
    document seq 7.00
    An informational handout that summarizes the different levels of single-family Objective Design Standards review and deviations.

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