San Carlos, CA

Plans and Standards

General Plan Capacity Revision (Underway)

The City of San Carlos  is on a trajectory to meet the citywide commercial, office and industrial capacity that was adopted in its 2030 General Plan six years earlier than anticipated back in 2009.  The City is currently working on amending the 2030 General Plan  to  accommodate future developments of  commercial, office, and industrial uses to the year 2045. This project will not change any existing land use designations nor  zoning standards

Learn more about the General Plan Capacity Revision

Downtown Specific Plan (Underway)
The City is currently creating a new plan for Downtown which will build upon what’s best and most loved about Downtown San Carlos, and take a close look at what needs updating or changing.
Learn more about the Downtown Specific Plan

East Side Innovation District Vision Plan (Approved in 2021)

This Plan sets the vision and standards for southeast San Carlos as a well-connected, multi-modal neighborhood with a mix of uses that integrates existing businesses with new science and technology uses, and a rich array of community amenities for a more resilient and inclusive future. This Plan is intended for anyone proposing changes to private property, public right-of-way, or other infrastructure/utilities in the area.

Learn more about the East Side Vision Plan

General Plan

The General Plan establishes goals, policies, and actions that will guide growth and change in our city to the year 2030. 

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Northeast Area Specific Plan (Underway)

Recognizing that change is occurring in northeast San Carlos, the City is developing this Specific Plan which will thoughtfully plan for change in the northeast area in a way that supports existing and new businesses, people, and the overall community.

Learn more about the Northeast Area Specific Plan

Objective Design Standards (Underway)
As required by State Law, the City is preparing Objective Design Standards (ODS) that will be applicable to all future residential developments (single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use projects). The goal is to establish measurable standards for all future residential developments to provide efficiency, transparency, and predictability.

View the Objective Design Standards

Parks Master Plan (Underway)
The City's Parks Master Plan provides a long-term vision for the San Carlos park system, and creates a plan of action to implement priority improvements. 

Learn more about the Parks Master Plan

Protected Tree Ordinance

Learn about the Protected Tree Ordinance

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