San Carlos, CA

Prezoning and Annexation


The process of incorporating unincorporated County parcels within the City is termed as annexation. Before a parcel could be annexed, the City is required to prezone the parcel(s) per the underlying zoning  district.

Although the annexation process is undertaken by San Mateo County LAFCO, the City is required to process applications for annexation within its Sphere of Influence (SOI).  If the application meets the City’s General Plan Policies and is within the City’s SOI as outlined by LAFCo for annexation, the property could be prezoned for annexation. Parcels proposed for annexation to the City are required to be prezoned consistent with the San Carlos Municipal Code Chapter 18.38 unless an application for a different prezoning is initiated and processed according to the procedures established under Chapter 18.35, Amendments to Zoning Ordinance and Map.

New! For more information regarding the City of San Carlos prezoning process, please refer this handout: Prezoning Handout_March 2023_City of San Carlos

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For questions on capacity of nearby sewer lines, feasibility of sewer agreements, water mains, etc., please contact:

For questions related to acceptable documents for street maintenance agreements, contact:

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For questions related to annexation procedures, please contact San Mateo Local Agency Formation.

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